It’s time to bid adieu

May 16, 2014



Austin Vining
Feature Editor

Anyone who knows anything about writing knows you don’t simply sit down and start writing.

Before writing this, my last column, I began my all-too-familiar research.

This time I looked somewhere different. The inspiration I was looking for came from Tech Talk past.

As I poured over the archives again I had a different agenda, I stopped only when I reached farewell columns — skipping the student government controversies, campus vandals and budget examinations.

It was easy to see the greats before me shared a common truth: pride. Everyone who has been through this department has had their hand in crafting this publication.

We are all bonded through our shared love and appreciation for the trade and also the effort that those who have worked in a newsroom can understand.

Through that bond an even deeper realization of Tech family is actualized: my staff is my family. Keeny Hall is where we wrote, studied, collaborated, fought, loved, cried, ate, slept — and more.

I’ll never forget all of the Taco Salad Tuesdays, the annual scavenger hunts or even the late-night showings of scary movies (I’m looking at you summer staff of 2012).

I only regret not telling my parents how many nights I actually stayed here — they could have saved plenty of money in rent.

To finish, I have a few thank yous in order:

To my parents: Thanks for getting me here and supporting me even though I’m not a doctor or a lawyer.

To those who came before me: Thank you for setting the bar so high. Keeping it there wasn’t easy, but I’m better for it.

To Reggie: You always say you’re glad you put me on staff when you did. I am, too.

To Judith: Thank you for always, always, always being the ear I needed in college.

To Mike, Scott, Sallie and Nancy: Thank you for encouraging me along the way, I have been fortunate to learn under such distinguished professionals in the field.

To Flo: You’ve been one of my biggest fans since day one. You’ll never know how much your words have meant to me along the way.

To Beth: You changed my worldviews immensely. You taught me to look at things in a completely different way. Even though we butted heads at times and you almost flunked me once, I will forever be thankful for you.

To my staff: I love you all. Thanks for putting up with me. You’ve made my college experience truly one of a kind. Try not to make me sound too awful when telling the new freshmen about your crazy old editor.

To those who will come later: If you’re reading this, planning to write your own farewell column, just know I’m proud of you. Thank you for being a part of this publication’s storied tradition of excellence. Do big things, but never forget this is home.

Austin Vining is a senior journalism and psychology major from Minden who serves as feature editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to acv001@latech.edu.


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