It’s all ‘A Sense of Place’: Photographers showcase Lincoln Parish-themed photographs

December 16, 2016
Kristen Weeks spends some time admiring Jenn Kilpatrick’s photo titled “Melting.” – Photo by Ashley Kober

Kristen Weeks spends some time admiring Jenn Kilpatrick’s photo titled “Melting.” – Photo by Ashley Kober


Keiera Bell
Staff Reporter | Klb072@latech.edu


On Dec. 6, the Bank of Ruston held the opening reception for its annual holiday art exhibit and showed visitors they should all have a sense of place.


With the help and creativity of Kate Hilburn and Patricia Tate Jones, the exhibit was named “A Sense of Place” to display images from around Lincoln Parish.


Hilburn, a photographer and artist, said this was the first time she and Jones had a hand in the bank’s art exhibit.


“As a photographer, it’s usually my own work that I have sought to exhibit,” Hilburn said. “However, I am very interested in photographic images—their meaning and intent—and so I was interested in how a community would respond to a call for their interpretation of what ‘A Sense of Place’ meant to them.”


She said she worked with her friend Jones to put together the elements they thought would be accessible so artists, photographers, citizens and students within the area could send in entries.


With 240 photos entered, 55 were selected to be shown at the exhibit. One of these photos belonged to Rachel Lee, a freshman communication major.


Lee said she had never participated in an exhibit like this before, but she does take part in the Peach Festival contest every year.


“I will definitely be involved in more events like this because I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback for my picture,” Lee said. “Also, having my work recognized by others is amazing, and I think people appreciate artists who share their work.”


She said being a part of this exhibit was really exciting for her because she loves taking pictures of different things for fun. She said she also likes when people tend to take something from her photos.


“I hope this exhibit helps people to become inspired to go out and try different forms of art themselves and just have fun like I do with my photography,” Lee said.


Hilburn said she likes to think the photographers were challenged to look at their hometowns in a different light and search for unique stories to tell visually. She said having an exhibition of those images and sharing it with the community, had her hoping it would offer people an opportunity to see their area with new eyes.


“I think this art exhibit is a great way to bring the community together and show them different places within Lincoln Parish from an artistic perspective,” Jeff Hankins said.


Hankins, a history professor at Tech, said he tries to attend all art events in Ruston to support the community’s artistic talents.


“The Bank of Ruston is doing a great service to the community by letting everyone participate in something to show what they feel expresses the essence of the parish, and then having the exhibit within the bank,” Hankins said.


He said he only knows a few of the artists who took part in the exhibit, but he can see they are all excited about their work being seen.


Hilburn, like the photographers, said she was very happy with the results of the event and hopes everyone has something to take away from the exhibition.


“I would like for people to look at the collection of images and be reminded of the place in which they live—how it looks and who is a part of it,” Hilburn said.


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