Is Trump to blame for violence?

March 24, 2016

As the country continues on the road to November and the 2016 presidential election, the leading Republican candidate continues to grab the headlines of news outlets across the country. Unfortunately, Donald Trump is garnering all this attention for all the wrong reasons.

Violent protests have marred Trump rallies in recent weeks, a recent one being a March 11 gathering in Chicago. A crowd of protesters gathered outside the arena before clashes broke out while many were making their way inside to hear Trump speak. Since then, many more protests have been planned and have taken place at or around a number of Trump events. This includes the incidents in Arizona, where protesters blocked a highway leading to the building where a rally was taking place, and New York, where thousands came out to an anti-Trump event.

Trump supporters themselves have been thrown out of rallies for sucker punching protestors as they leave the arena.

Political analysts of all ages note they have never seen this amount of violence surrounding a presidential candidate.

Those who do not support Trump would say that he incites this kind of behavior.

Anyone who has followed the candidates this election cycle knows how brash, outspoken and offensive Trump can be when he speaks. He is often labeled as a racist and a bigot for the things he has said in his speeches and does not apologize for it. This includes his comments on a temporary ban of Muslims entering the country, his stance on immigration and countless other lines he has used at gatherings.

Others who want to see Trump in the White House believe it is the protesters who are causing these problems. Trump himself has labeled those protesting his events as “paid agitators” after protesters in Chicago were heard chanting the name of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Supporters of Trump argue that these protests are hindering their right to free speech by keeping them from participating in the scheduled rallies.

That being said, neither side is blameless.

Trump has been slow to condemn the violence that his supporters have started in rallies and they are unapologetic about the cheap shots they have dished out based on the cheers heard when someone is hit.

On the other hand, just because these protestors seem to despise Trump, that does not give them the right to deny other Americans the chance to support a candidate. This is totally speculation, but if Trump supporters were to protest a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton rally, the outcry would be much worse. The behavior from those against Trump seems to be accepted only because of his reputation. These kinds of things seem to follow him everywhere.

One thing is certain; these issues are doing nothing for the country. Yes, there is always contention between Republicans and Democrats, but this election seems to be worse than ever. Our country has become a laughing stock on the world’s stage. While these opposing forces believe they have noble intentions, the massive gap that is being created between parties is one that the new incoming president may not be able to heal.


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