International Day brings distinctive cuisine to Tech

April 18, 2013


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Tuesday, Tech students from around the world gathered in the TONK to show their fellow student body what their culture had to offer.


“International Day allowed us to show the diversity of Tech,” said Shashank Shrestha, president of the International Students Association who put on the event each year.


Students representing many countries came to share their cultures with other students at Tech, and it allowed many students to experience something brand new, said Shrestha, a sophomore economics major.


Eyas Haj from Jordan prepares to serve some authentic cuisine. - Photo by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay

Shrestha said he feels as if International Day helps to give Tech students an opportunity to embrace something completely new to them.


“I think events like this help to broaden the minds of Tech students,” Shrestha said. “There are other cultures out there with things to offer. It is always good to become more open-minded, and I think International Day is an event that helps to do that.”


Laura Rodriguez, a senior biology major, is from Colombia and said it was an awesome experience attending International Day.


“I believe the main thing that attracts students to this event is the exoticness of it,” Rodrigeuz said. “Getting to see so many different cultures represented in a single place is eye opening and gives everyone a new perspective.”


Rodrigeuz said while the event is exotic, it is hard to ignore the various types of food offered at International Day.


“I enjoy trying the different types of food,” Rodriguez said. “Seeing the flavors and seasonings from other countries is always a treat.”


Shrestha said that when he attends an event like this, he does not just share his own culture; he also embraces what other cultures have to offer. International students can share with each other what each specific culture has to offer, he said.


“International Day also provided many of our international students the opportunity to not only share their culture with American born students, but with other international students as well,” Shrestha said.


He said International Day was not only for Tech students, but the Ruston community was also encouraged to attend. Shrestha said the event would not have been possible without businesses like Cygnet Inc. and Hi Tech Computer, which donated different prizes to give away and encourage people to come.


“It was great to see the Ruston people lend a helping hand and take part in such an important event for us,” Shrestha said. “Having the whole community involved brings more awareness to the different types of cultures Tech has to offer.”


Shrestha said International Day was a huge success and will continue to be used in the future to broaden the minds of Tech students and show them what different cultures around the world have to offer.


“I am proud of where I come from and I know all these other students are proud of where they came from, International Day gives them an opportunity to show off what their culture has to offer,” Shrestha said.


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