If you are going to do the crime …

April 10, 2015


Are athletes above the law simply because they play a sport? Earn millions? Live luxurious lifestyles?


Are athletes above the law because the police who are responsible for protecting and serving their respective communities cheer for them on Sundays?


In short, no.


But do not tell Darren Sharper that.


Sharper, the star of the New Orleans Saints’ 2009 Super Bowl team has been convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault and rape.


Sharper, who retired from the NFL in 2011, has already pleaded no contest or guilty as part of a plea agreement to rape charges in Arizona, California and Nevada and is expected to enter a guilty plea to three New Orleans rape charges in June.


Sharper’s plea agreement means he will plead guilty in Louisiana to two counts of forcible rape and one count of simple rape, though he was originally facing two counts of aggravated rape, counts punishable by a life sentence upon conviction.


But Sharper will not face life imprisonment. He will serve no more than nine years, mostly in federal prison.


Nine women were left physically and psychologically damaged in Sharper’s crime spree that spanned four states.


Nine women reported being drugged and raped by Sharper to four different agencies yet no arrests were made.


Four of these women could have been spared from their injuries and Sharper apprehended had police arrested him in September of 2013.


That night a woman called the Orleans Parish Police Department and reported she had been raped.


The police gathered evidence, including a sample of Sharper’s DNA, which matched a swab taken from the woman’s body.


There were witnesses placing Sharper with the victim at a club the night of the assault and at his condo where the assault had taken place yet no arrests were made and no warrants were issued.


If this had been “John Brown” and not a Pro Bowl NFL defensive back and broadcast analyst on the league’s television network, he would have been in custody and the case would have been a slam dunk.


But this was not “John Brown” and Sharper was not taken into custody. Instead, Sharper left the state and sexually assaulted four more women in the span of 24 hours.


Had the police and prosecutors in Orleans Parish simply done their jobs, four women would not have been drugged, raped and forced to suffer the same fate as five other women victimized by an athlete who thought he was above the law.



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