If I hear the crickets one more time…

January 31, 2013



Associate Managing Editor


Going down to the wire, the Lady Techsters have the ball after a questionable call by one of the infamous Western Athletic Conference referees.


The Utah State Aggies took it to overtime and now lead 75-74 with five seconds remaining in the game.


Freshman guard Lulu Perry throws up a prayer and it … barely skims the rim and the Lady Techsters lose in a heartbreaker. You probably would not know any of this because chances are you were not at the game.


I am also willing to bet you did not watch the Dunkin’ ’Dogs beat the Utah State Aggies in Logan, Utah, with a packed house last Saturday at the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum on ESPN 3.


I am highly disappointed with Bulldog fans. It should be a crime for the lack of fans who show up to the games.


Even with the reprise of The Blue Crew, the crew barely has double-digit fans cheering on hard working teams.


What is even more upsetting is the fact other teams in the WAC have big name schools in their state but still have diehard fans for their teams.


The state of Utah itself has Brigham Young University and The University of Utah, two schools that who generally have success in major sports.


I attend every Tech game, and it is sad we are unable to pack the Thomas Assembly Center every time.


Contrary to popular belief, I have attended many WAC football away games, and you would be amazed how many Tech fans show up compared to those for the home teams.


If we are able to have a big crowd in Joe Aillet Stadium, there should be no excuse to not to fill up the TAC.


I am not talking just about students either. Alumni are part of the crime, too.


If you follow Louisiana State University basketball with an overall record of 10-7 instead of our 18-3 Bulldogs, you should not even be attending here or have received a diploma.


I understand there are majors at this university that are time consuming, but a little two and a half hour break on Saturday will not hurt you.


It is amazing though how many dedicated fans there are and how colorful they are at the games.


What you are missing out on are the Superfans going crazy on the south side of the arena, the band cracking jokes on the other team and the couple proudly waving the Tech flag in front of the Superfans.


It is a wonderful experience to say the least, and I feel bad for the students and alumni who miss out on this experience.


I gave compliments to our fans throughout the football season who were able to attend all games, but the buck does not stop there.


We are in the transition period of turning a mediocre athletics program into a great one. It should be cool to know we are the generation of students who get to be a part of this.


Our athletics department may not be doing their part (I do not have to explain the bowl situation again) but our athletes and coaches are. I want you to attend Louisiana Tech games.


Derek J. Amaya bis a junior journalism and marketing major from Metairie. Email comments to dja014@latech.edu.


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