I will ever loyal be

February 21, 2017


Kailee courts
Layout Designer | kec029@latech.edu


have dreamed of the day I would receive my university diploma for a long time. For a while, it felt like the day would never come, but now it is here.


I will be graduating from Louisiana Tech in a week and I am a bundle of mixed emotions. I am ready to be done with school, but I am terrified because that is all I have ever known. This will be the first time I am completing a year of school and do not have to think about going back.


I am going to miss Tech and everything it has to offer.


I am going to miss pulling all-nighters in Tolliver and hanging out in the Union Board office. I am going to miss chicken bowl Wednesdays and all the Aramark workers who constantly have smiles on their faces.


My time here has shaped me into the woman I am today, and I will forever be thankful for that.


I am grateful to have gone to a university staffed with professors who do whatever it takes to see their students succeed. I am especially thankful for Dr. Dolly Hurtig and Dr. Judith Roberts; these two professors have helped me map out my life goals and have been encouraging and inspiring every step of the way. I honestly would have been lost without them.


I am thankful for the opportunities I had to serve on campus.


Being a part of the Union Board gave me lifelong friends, as well as experiences and knowledge I will use in my career. Getting free T-shirts was definitely a plus, too. Being a student recruiter gave me a new appreciation for our university. I was able to learn more about the history and show future bulldogs the beautiful campus.


Writing for The Tech Talk has been a journey. I may not have always liked it, but it has helped me become a better writer and person. It helped me find my voice.


I will never forget the fun times I had playing intramural sports, even if I was not very good.


I may not have attended football games regularly, but I am going to miss cheering on the Bulldogs in the Joe.


It feels like just yesterday I was attending freshman orientation, and now I am planning a graduation party. Because of my time here, I feel I am ready to take on the world. I am ready to finish this chapter of my life and start a new one.


Life is full of milestones, and graduating college is one of them. It is time for me to see what the future holds, but before I can do that, I want to say thank you.


Thank you, Louisiana Tech, for the last five years. It was not always easy, but I am thankful for the hardships.


A lot of people told me not to change too much when I moved away for school, and I told them I would try not to. Looking back, I have changed a lot as a person, and I am not sorry for it at all.


I am thankful to have been able to attend a university that allows its students to learn and grow in the best way possible.


Thank you for the great memories, Tech. I will ever loyal be.


Kailee Courts is a senior journalism and French major from Lake Arthur who serves as layout designer for The Tech Talk.


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