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May 12, 2016


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I remember sitting on the porch of my aunt’s house when I was young and regaling my mother with plans to be the world’s first archaeologist/paleontologist/cactus farmer. I think author might have been thrown in there too but I can’t be sure.



I remember dreaming about being a novelist in high school and jotting down notes for cringeworthy novel ideas. I remember talking with my parents about how to turn writing into a marketable skill and settling on journalism.



I remember coming to visit Louisiana Tech. I met the faculty of the journalism department and they gifted me with “Columbine” by Dave Cullen. I still haven’t read it.



I remember assuaging my father’s fears about the future of the industry. He told me how proud he was of me when I published my first story in The Tech Talk. I felt happiness and relief.



I remember my sister backing me up with trepidation. She kept me sane by calming me down when the stress of college got too much. My goal is to be like her in life.



I remember sending the girl I was dating a photo of my first review in The Tech Talk. It was a piece on The Flaming Lips’ album “The Terror.” She told me she was proud.



I remember making lifelong friends in this department. I moved in with one and we fought like an old married couple. A lot of people thought we were. The other tore up the French Quarter with me on numerous occasions. I love them fiercely.



I remember trips to conferences, cities and festivals. I saw Kanye West in a crowd of 100,000. I saw Anders Osborne in a dark warehouse in New Orleans. I met Anderson Cooper wandering the French Quarter.



I remember being excited at the prospect of reading “Blood Meridian,” my favorite novel, in a college classroom. I just finished a 45-page thesis on it.



I remember sitting on my couch in shock when I was accepted to the Master’s program in journalism at the University of Missouri. I called my sister and we said half-sentences to each other over the phone until the shock wore off. I move there next month.



I remember growing up in the fields of Louisiana, camping near bayous and hunting armadillos for pocket change. I carry it with me.



I remember being afraid of my choice, of worrying about my future. I haven’t done that in years.


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