I love ‘Rams,’ I love ‘Saints’

January 24, 2014



Raney Johnson
Sports Editor

Most people love to point out to supporters of successful teams that they are jumping on the bandwagon.


Well, I am going to stand up and say that I am and have always been a bandwagoner.


I jumped on with the Miami Heat, the Boston Red Sox and the New Orleans Saints.


It was actually by jumping on the bandwagon that I found my first favorite NFL team, the St. Louis Rams when they won the Super Bowl in 2000.


Since that Super Bowl I can shamelessly write I have jumped on board of the New England Patriots’ and Pittsburg Steelers’ bandwagons. Although I no longer support the Steelers or the Rams, I will never regret supporting them.


I’m sure come next weekend there will be many cries of bandwagon jumping and again I will be one of those people accused.


However, this time I will be jumping aboard with both teams. This will be the first Super Bowl in which I will support both teams.


I don’t understand how anyone could not get behind Peyton Manning after the amazing season he’s had, plus I am a sucker for comeback stories.


As for the Seahawks, I jumped aboard back in 2006 when they played the Steelers in the Super Bowl.


It doesn’t really make much sense to me why people don’t like bandwagoners. These are the people who bring more popularity and money to sports teams.


Many of the people who are “real sports fans,” or the “I supported them from the start fans,” don’t know that many of these teams bandwagoners support are their first sports team.


It would have really hurt if someone would have told me I was just supporting the Rams because they made it to the Super Bowl so many years back.


My sport spirit might have died that day, but it lives on to support another popular team.


A friend of mine told me in sports an athlete cannot fake their performance. If that is the case, the teams who make it to the big games deserve all the people who flock to them because they are at the top of their games.


So next time a person says you are “jumping on the bandwagon,” say, “Why, yes I am.”


Raney Johnson is a junior journalism major from Shreveport. Email comments to rcj008@latech.edu.


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