I believe… family is more than blood relatives

October 20, 2011

Quarterback Nick Isham, right, hugs teammate Matt Broha, defensive end, during a recent home football game. Isham believes family is not limited to those who are blood relatives and said the Bulldog football team is like a family. – Photo by Tom Morris

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This is the fifth in a nine-part series on what different individuals “believe” based on the collection of essays titled This I Believe II. The book serves as the common read for freshman seminar classes as part of the First-Year Experience program.


For Nick Isham, a freshman journalism major and starting quarterback for the Bulldogs, the thing he trusts and believes in most is something he was born into – his family.


In the game of football, players are placed on a team, and that team becomes a sort of family for the players.


“I believe in family because they’ve always been there for me,” he said.


Good, bad, right or wrong, Isham said his family is there to support him no matter the circumstances.


“When I broke my collar bone junior year in the championship game up until I signed my letter of intent to come here (Tech), they have always been there for me,” he said.


Coming from a large, close-knit family with two brothers, a sister and parents who have been married for more than 20 years, Isham said he knows he is blessed.


“They’re the reason I’m here,” he said.


Isham is extremely family-oriented and talks to his family every day. He said although his parents remain in California, they are still the biggest influences in his life.


“My dad is kind of my role model and my mom, well,” he said. “It’s hard to explain because they work together.”


What keeps Isham together is his family, and they are the foundation of who he is.


“They taught me how to be a leader in terms of football,” he said.


Isham said playing on a team is not always easy, but it has helped him grow as a man and a leader allowing him to be part of a team.


“Everyone reacts differently to different people and different things that are said,” he said.


Being able to communicate with people is a huge help on and off the field for Isham.


“Our family works kind of like a team,” he said. “We’re always there for each other like we are on the field.”


The leadership qualities his family has taught him come in handy as starting quarterback for the Tech Bulldogs.


“We just communicate,” he said. “It’s a huge part to say the right things to the right people.”


Isham said various people react differently to different people and things, so being able to communicate with people is a huge help on and off the field.


“That’s something my family and my parents have taught me,” he said.


With his family living 2,000 miles away in California, Isham said he sees his family whenever he can. However, his supportive family does not let distance keep them from their continuous support of Isham.


“My parents have come to every game so far, which is pretty inspiring and great of them,” he said.


Isham said the rest of his family has been able to come to only one game so far. Many people think fame has not affected Isham and his family values or who he was raised to be.


“When the season’s over, I’m going to be taking more trips out there,” he said.


Isham said the leadership skills he has acquired can help him encourage people who do not have a strong family background.


“I try to be there for them, to be their family.”


Family is not always blood-related, Isham said. He said he has plenty of family who are not blood-related, but considers people as family because of how much they have impacted his life.


“Seeing people who aren’t as fortunate as I am in terms of their family, I just try to be there for them and act as a brother or whatever I can be for them,” he said.


Isham said he is fully aware of how rare a family like his own is and how lucky he is to come from a supportive, unbroken family.


“I’m extremely fortunate to have what I have,” he said. “So, I’m thankful every day for what I have.”


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