Human ecology hosts recruitment event

May 12, 2016


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Students spin the prize wheel and enjoy free smoothies. Photo by Brian Blakely.

Students spin the prize wheel and enjoy free smoothies. Photo by Brian Blakely.


The School of Human Ecology is looking for students who want to spring clean their majors.



On May 4, “Star Wars Day,” they School asked students to join their force and gave out gift cards and homemade Wookie cookies in the plaza.



Cassidy Gunsallus, a senior nutrition and dietetics major, said the school is recruiting undecided students and those who are looking to change majors.



“I think human ecology is a good major for anyone,” Gunsallus said. “We have nutrition and dietetics, family and child studies, and fashion and merchandising. It’s a great major if you have a heart that wants to help people.”



She said she did not start out as a human ecology student when she was a freshman, and she is happy she changed majors.



“Everyone in human ecology has a passion for what they’re doing,” she said. “I personally didn’t have the passion I have now in my original major, but I found it through human ecology. I think everyone who puts time into getting a degree should feel that way about what they’re doing.”



Jackie Flournoy, a junior secondary education major, is also pursuing a concentration in family and consumer sciences.



“I’ve always loved to sew and cook,” Flournoy said. “I do a lot of that on the side anyway at home, and I just want to teach kids how to do it.”



She said the classes go beyond home economics.



“Not many people know about human ecology,” she said. “It’s not just food, nutrition and sewing; it’s more involved than that. You learn about how families work. There is a lot of theory in it, and you take a lot of psych classes.”



The group’s recruiting project is part of Amy Yates’ Professional Issues in Human Ecology class, in which students do group projects and prepare for life after graduation. Flournoy said the group projects are the most challenging part of any class in her major.



Katie Brumfield, a senior fashion and merchandising major, said her major is like a creative business degree with an emphasis on retail and event planning.



“Human ecology is so inviting, and it’s really like a big family,” she said. “It’s really fun, but not in the sense that it’s easy. We do a lot of group projects.”



She said they do awareness events for the School of Human Ecology every quarter, and they have been planning this event since the second week of classes, meeting twice a week.



“A lot of work went into planning this,” she said. “We went around to local businesses and asked for donations, so it’s a community event as well.”



She said the date and Star Wars theme happened to fall into place, and she is happy they did.



“It’s really been a lot of fun,” she said. “I’m just thankful to Dr. Yates, and Star Wars.”


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