Howard Auditorium piano student show showcases Tech talent

June 28, 2017


(left to right)
Joshua Jackson, Alma Moegle, Guy Twyman, Kathryn Ebeyer and Mary Rudd all performed at the first Piano Student Showcase in Howard Auditorium. – Photo by Kacie Kaufman

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A revival of the music of Beethoven and Brahms filled Howard Auditorium as the first Piano Studio Showcase took the stage.


The April 6 performance highlighted Louisiana Tech’s piano majors, who performed a selection of pieces by Beethoven and Brahms.

Kathryn Ebeyer, a junior piano and music education major, played a selection by Brahms. She said although the students performed often, this was a unique showcase and the first event of its kind at Tech.


“It’s always great to get an opportunity to show the world what we do, you know,” she said. “We work very, very hard, we practice all the time. So it’s just an opportunity to get to show people what we love. And this is, as long as I have been here — (and) this is my third year — this is the first time we’ve done anything like this.”


Ebeyer said she has been playing piano for 17 years and felt that it was a calling for her to pursue the study.


“My mom was a piano teacher, well, is, and she actually got a degree in piano performance from Tech, so I’m just kind of following in my mom’s footsteps,” she said. “I look exactly like my mom and I am just like my mom, I guess. And really, just, piano has always been a big blessing in my life and I just felt like this was where God wanted me, was at Louisiana Tech, and that music was what He was calling me to do for my major.”


Ebeyer and a fellow student, Mary Rudd, performed the final piece, a duet composed by Beethoven.


“She (Rudd) is my best friend, so it’s just a whole bunch of fun,” Ebeyer said. “So, we get to practice together and all that kind of stuff. It’s hard to play with another person because you’re dealing with two different types of playing styles and all that, but it’s really fun to take two different artists and come together to make music. It’s always a lot more fun than just playing by yourself.”


Steele Moegle, an associate professor of music at Tech who organized the showcase, said playing a duet was a unique challenge for the students.


“To learn to play together, that in itself, that collaboration is an art form,” she said. “And then, students get to experience that and to learn from it.”


Moegle said the hope was to make the showcase an annual occurrence.


“I thought it came off really well,” she said. “I was happy that everybody had this experience and I think we had a pretty good crowd, a receptive crowd, which is important.”


Arliss Dunn, a freshman architecture major, said the event highlighted Tech’s talent.


“(It was) to share, like, what we do here and show how awesome music can be and bring people together, I guess,” he said.


Dunn said although he doesn’t play music, he enjoyed the music greatly.


“I am just an appreciator of music,” he said. “They are great — I could never do anything like this ever.”


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