How students celebrate Halloween in college

October 29, 2015



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Candy corn, scarecrows, witches’ hats and scary stories fill the month of October every year, building up to the big holiday night on the 31st. But has the holiday of Halloween just become about trick-or-treaters and decorations or has it stuck with its age long, eerie tradition?


Danny Niccum said Halloween is a money making holiday.


“You see the same costumes every year and there is absolutely no originality,” Niccum, a senior aviation management and marketing major, said. “It’s become a big consumer holiday with costumes being put in stores earlier and earlier every year.”


Niccum said the candy “deals” are almost as bad as the basic costumes.


“Around Halloween candy companies are always pushing their ‘special’ candy,” he said. “The candy is literally the same year round but actually more expensive around Halloween.”


Students get into the celebration of Halloween by adding school spirit–Photo courtesy of LATechBBB.com

Students get into the celebration of Halloween by adding school spirit–Photo courtesy of LATechBBB.com

Niccum said he thinks the preparation for the holiday gets more and more extensive each year.


“We prepare and celebrate much longer in this day and age than ever,” he said. “It seems to be an entire month of nothing but candy and goblins.”


Niccum said he does not mind the holiday of Halloween as long as it still makes the children happy.


“Halloween is a lot like Christmas: it is a lot more fun when you are younger,” he said. “Whether or not it is becoming as big money holiday will not bother me as long as it is still fun for the younger generation.”


Rachel Dixon, a junior pre-vet major, said Halloween is her favorite time of the year solely because of the holiday’s tradition.


“Halloween sets the theme considering it is dedicated to the dead,” she said. “On Halloween the physical and spiritual realities seem to come together as one and no one questions it.”


Dixon said her fascination with witchcraft and Halloween’s traditions began with the movie “Hocus Pocus.”


“For me, there has always been something especially intriguing about witchcraft and the Salem witch trials,” she said. “The movie has been my favorite for as long as I can remember.”


Douglas DeGraw, a senior history major, said Halloween is fun all around.


“I think Halloween incorporates all generations,” he said. “It can really bring you back to your childhood and the candy is always a plus.”


DeGraw said the holiday is all about what each individual person makes it.


“Halloween is open to interpretation,” he said. “People can make it what they want, whether that is keeping old tradition or candy and fun.”


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