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February 12, 2015


Louisiana Tech Orientation Student Leaders practiced some skits to perform for prospective students at summer orientation–Photo by Brian Blakely

Louisiana Tech Orientation Student Leaders practiced some skits to perform for prospective students at summer orientation–Photo by Brian Blakely

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When prospective students come to Louisiana Tech, they are planning for their future. Orientation Student Leaders, or OSLs, are there to lend a hand in that transition process.


OSLs are ambassadors for the university. These students work through the summer to give up-and-coming freshman the start they need to be successful in college.


Hannah Francis was selected to be an OSL for 2015.


Francis, said she is ready to see how she can impact new students.


“How much we can do for the students depends on how much we, as OSLs, put into it,” she Francis,a sophmore speech pathology major. “It is our job to help students make connections so they will have the means to get involved as soon as they arrive at Tech.”


Andy Cline, Orientation director , said OSLs are vital in the growth of the university.


“They basically promote the school,” he said. “We have found that one of the main reasons students come to Tech is through word of mouth. Whether it be through orientations, recruiting visits or just talking to people, they help bring students in.”


Les Guice, Tech President, said he also sees the OSLs important contribution to the school.


“We have possible future students on our campus for maybe a few days and OSLs instantly have the most direct connection with these students,” he said. “There can be no denying that OSLs play a major part in the growth of our school.”


By playing a role in the growth of Tech, OSLs have an indirect effect on the “Tech 2020 Plan”. The “Tech 2020 Plan” is a blueprint for where the school will be in the year 2020. The basis of the plan is getting the student enrollment to 15,000. One part of Tech 2020 is the Enterprise Campus plan.


Guice said the newest buildings on Tech’s campus, Tech Pointe and the College of Business building, are the beginnings of the Enterprise Campus. The Enterprise Campus will be a business park added to the east side of Tech’s campus.


“The new business park will house the offices of an assortment of different businesses and corporations that will help give students an advantage in their education through internships and possible jobs following graduation,” he said


“For a business to be successful, they need talent,” Guice said. “Bringing partners to Tech to interact with our students is the best way for them to get the talent they need while also helping our students and university grow.”


Cline said every plan the university has for the future goes hand in hand.


“We’ve essentially created a cycle,” he said. “OSLs help bring in the students and the students will experience college while working internships.”


“The companies will hopefully prosper using our graduates,” Cline said. “Hopefully after that our public awareness goes up, and that awareness brings more students to consider our school, then that creates a bright future for Tech.”


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