Horse Lords: ‘Interventions’

May 5, 2016


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2016 Northern Sky Records

2016 Northern Sky Records

Horse Lords, a relatively new band from Baltimore, with their third album “Interventions” release, is a refreshingly different taste of music.



As a band, they collectively  go beyond the norm to produce a brilliantly transitionally executed album.



The band, sometimes to referred to as “drone-rockers,” does not limit themselves to one specific genre of music, synchronizing various mediums to flow together for a finished product.



Although their music may be considered a bit out of the norm,  they have done a solid job with their execution.



Instrumental music can be a harder to get into and is definitely underrated by most of the mainstream industry.



This proves talent without words, but through a variety of fast and slow paced sounds and instruments.



With their first album, “Hidden Cities,” released in 2014, this band first showed they had something new to bring to the music world.



With a fusion of rock, folk, electronic, experimental and even branching into cultural music consisting of hints of Latin music, the band stands out.



Their nine minute and 35 second intro “Truthers,” boldly tones the entirety of the album.



“Toward the Omega Point,” begins with a catchy beat featuring a cowbell, transitioning into a ‘60s sounding melody.



Even with the lack of lyrics, “Interventions” still tells a story just like any other album.



The following track, “Encounter II/ Intervention II,” begins with what seems to be a violin rehearsal, beginning with someone, perhaps the violinists footsteps running in.  It sets the tone of a rushed musician and listeners can feel the tension and anxiety of the musician through high and low pitches of the violin.



The closing song, “Never Ended,” is a barrage of sounds, not only instrumental but computerized vocal sounds yet not quite fully lyrical and also blending sounds in the world around us.



With a combination of the stringed and wind instruments venturing into electronic tones, the band has come up with a newly brilliant sound.



This combination of sound may seem like the potential for a big mess, but Horse Lords proves this wrong.



This blend of instruments fuses together to make almost a geometrical listening experience as it almost seems to follow a formula.



While the music is well thought out and has a unique sound, tracks tend to venture on and some blur together slightly.



But really, this is just all about getting more accustomed to listening to instrumental music because our society today tends to gravitate towards musical with more of an emphasis on lyrics.



This band stands out and seems to be heading in a promising direction, offering a new kind of sound.



Horse Lords carries an experimental sound and show they are not afraid to stand out or try something new, which is very respectable.



The music this band makes is complicated and difficult; there’s not doubt about it, but they workd hard and produce an end product worth listening to.


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