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October 27, 2016

Caleb Daniel

Managing Editor | csd020@latech.edu


Occasionally in everyone’s life, something so momentous will happen that it seems the world must surely pause in acknowledgment.


Saturday night was one of those moments in my life and the lives of countless others across the country.


For the first time in 71 years, the Chicago Cubs advanced to the Major League Baseball World Series. Wow, just writing that sentence gave me chills.


The Cubs, who for a long time have been affectionately and accurately known as the “Lovable Losers,” have not won the World Series since 1908 and have not played in one since 1945. It’s truly hard to grasp that no one alive today can remember the Cubs winning it all.


I have been a Cubs fan since I could understand the concept of baseball, and I still feel just a little unworthy to write about what a Cubs World Series means to me. There are fans who have been waiting for this for thrice as long as I’ve been alive, or even longer.


Still, I have seen my fair share of Cubs misfortune. I suffered through the Steve Bartman incident, several Mark Prior injuries, and the abysmal 101-loss 2012 season. I suffered such loss as a Cubs fan that I had to cheer for the Packers and Spurs just to even it out.


Therefore, when I say that my world was shaken after the final out Saturday night, I hope I have earned the right to be believed.


After bringing on Theo Epstein, the wizard who broke the Red Sox curse at only 28 years of age, as the President of Baseball Operations in 2011, the Cubs immediately plummeted to some of their worst seasons in history. However, that’s sometimes how it’s supposed to go in baseball: exchanging present decency for future greatness.


“That’s okay,” we said. “We’re Cubs fans. We know how to wait.”


We waited: through 91 losses, then 101, 96 and 89. We held onto our century-long hope that maybe someday billy goats and curses won’t matter, maybe some day nothing will be able to stop us.


Last year seemed like the one. We had budding young talent and a Cy Young pitcher who couldn’t be stopped. We even eliminated the hated Cardinals from the playoffs in thrilling fashion. But it wasn’t enough.


This year, it was obvious from spring training what the expectations were. Manager Joe Maddon had more winning talent to work with than ever. Perhaps more importantly, the Cubs finally had a winning mentality.


Fast forward through 107 wins, and we found ourselves down 2-1 to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series. We had played awfully for two straight games, and I was beginning to let hope slip away.


But maybe, just this once, the story everyone wanted could not be denied.


When the Cubs completed their comeback series with a clean 5-0 shutout Saturday, I ran out my door and onto the street, shouting, “World Series!!” into the night. I will never be ashamed of that.


By the time this column prints, two games of the World Series will be in the books. Win or lose, I will be proud to call myself a Cubs fan.


But wouldn’t it just be right to go all the way?


Caleb Daniel is a junior journalism major from Lake Charles who serves as  managing editor for The Tech Talk.


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