Holidays a time for family and basketball

December 20, 2013


Head coach Mike White leads his team from the sideline during a basketball game. – Photo courtesy of  Media Relations

Head coach Mike White leads his team from the sideline during a basketball game. – Photo courtesy of Media Relations

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Even though Tech officially begins its winter holiday at the conclusion of classes on Friday, some people must wait a little longer before they can enjoy their break.


The players and coaches of the basketball teams know that the show must go on, so the time they have to enjoy their break is shortened.


Michael White, head coach of the men’s basketball team, knows how to juggle his time between leading the Bulldogs in basketball and enjoying time with his family.


Though his break does not begin until Dec. 23, White said he will waste no time enjoying his break from beginning to end.


“We’ll be spending two days in Florida with the family,” White said.


Even though the actual drive to Florida is his least favorite part about the break, White relishes the opportunity to spend time with his family.


“Family is the most important thing to me,” White said.


“Watching my kids open their presents is my favorite thing to do over Christmas.”


Just as quickly as White jumped into the holiday festivities with his family, he must head back to the office to prepare for his team’s next game. The basketball team’s first practice after their holiday break is Dec. 26.


“We always try to give our players as much time as possible to get home and spend time with their families,” White said.


The team does not get the benefit of having a normal week during their break, with most of the team traveling from one place to another.


White said that the team is pretty close with one another and that they definitely spend more time together during the break.


The scheduling of college basketball has many teams playing at least one game during the time when most schools have their winter breaks.


White said he is not fazed by the task of playing during the time which most people are given off.


“As coaches, we use our own discretion relative to scheduling, so there’s no need to change the schedule,” White said.


With the team preparing for the next game, White said his biggest wish this Christmas happens to fall right in line with the team.


He said all he wants for Christmas is, “a win at University Louisiana-Monroe.”


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