High school students come out to Tech

April 30, 2015


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Students enroll and attend classes at Louisiana Tech for a variety of personal reasons, but many students currently attending had help making a final decision by touring campus.


Tech held its spring event “Time Out For Tech” across campus to introduce prospective students to campus life April 25, as student recruiters brought groups of high school students and their parents on a one-day tour of campus.DSC_7317 copy


“My entire family graduated from Tech, which makes it not my first choice,” said Rachel Lautigar, a junior from Bastrop High School.


She said her father told her to take the Saturday to visit as she already visited other universities beforehand, and he was insistent she come tour the campus.


Parker Begale, a sophomore marketing major and president of the student recruiters, said unlike other universities, Tech uses student recruiters in order to have a bigger impact on prospective students.


“I’m from Ruston and my mom wanted me to stay close to home,” he said. “I was a little bit hesitant at first, but then I visited the campus and what brought me in the most was that sense of community.”


Lautigar said she was there to see it for herself and get the whole experience before she made a final decision.


“If you had asked me about three months ago, I would have said, ‘heck no, Tech no,’ but now I don’t know where I want to go really,” she said.


Lautigar said the campus was much prettier than she expected was very impressed by the Lambright Sports and Wellness Center.


“I love the students here honestly because everyone I know here is really nice and seem to enjoy it a lot, so that helps me definitely,” she said.


Lautigar said she wanted to study linguistics because she loves studying languages and how they work.


“The only thing I’m sure about is what I want to study and that I want to go to law school, and who will give the best scholarships,” she said.


Courtney Wright, a junior from Neville High School in Monroe, said she chose the College of Business at Tech because of her goal of a business marketing degree and working toward an MBA.


“I like the connections and how you can get a job after you get out of college,” she said.


Wright said what she personally liked the most was the renovations that have gone on campus to update it.


For her, Tech is in one of her top five universities she is thinking about going to.


Parker said Tech has the advantage being a smaller university, but also the aspects of a bigger one, and for him that is perfect.


“To me that is the perfect middle, that’s what pushes me to be here,” he said.


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