Hide-A-Way plans delayed

February 21, 2013

A view of the pond in Hide-A-Way Park where the plans of adding new biking trails, sunbathing docks and a new pavilion equipped with canoe rentals have been postponed due to new guidelines of the Federal Highway Administration. – Photo by Derek J. Amaya

Due to new guidelines, plans to add
recreational  amenities are postponed


Kaamilya Salaam
Staff Reporter


After a minor roadblock, the renovations at Garland Gregory Hide-A-Way Park are still under way.


In a previous story, the Tech Talk published the proposal by the Division of Student Affairs and the Lambright Sports and Wellness Complex for new plans to make additions to Hide-A-Way Park.


The plans to add new running and biking trails, sunbathing docks around the pond and a new pavilion with a canoe rental to the park fell through.


Bobby Dowling, director of recreational activities, said the Federal Highway Administration grant did not get approved because they changed the requirements.


“Due to the new guidelines, the trails grant didn’t go through,” said Dowling. “So we’re in the process of reapplying.”


The new grant application is due by April 1.


Dowling and his staff are repackaging the documents to include Hide-A-Way Park and additional intramural fields.


Dowling said the new intramural fields are to be placed where Caruthers and Hutchinson Halls currently sit; the two buildings are to be demolished.


“The state has plans for the demolition of Caruthers and Hutchinson to take place during the summer, when student enrollment is down to keep them out of harm’s way,” Dowling said.


Dowling added, the fees students pay to participate in intramural sports would cover most of the cost for the new fields.


Although the renovations have been pushed back, students still discuss the idea.


Liah Crowe, a senior kinesiology major, who frequents the intramural soccer fields, said she is glad to see the dorms go.


“That’s awesome; they’re tearing those dorms down because they haven’t used them in a long time,” Crowe said. “We need more fields. A lot of players are always spraining their ankles on the ones we have now.”


Students who do not participate in intramural sports or visit the park are also thrilled.


Fab Yonk, a junior mechanical engineering major, said he thinks the new plans will draw more students to the outdoor areas.


“I usually play indoor soccer, but with the new fields, I may have to try outdoor,” Yonk said.


Similar to Yonk, Kimberly Raner, a senior chemical engineering major, said she does not go to the park or intramural fields but she is glad to see the money students pay to participate in intramural sports being put to use.


“I’m not big into the intramural sports, but I think it’s real, cool that the school is allowing students to see where their fees are going,” Raner said.


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