Guice to head Louisiana Innovation Council

February 20, 2014




Kelsy Kershaw
Futures Editor


Louisiana Tech is not the only institution President Les Guice provides leadership for.


Recently, Guice was appointed chairman of the Louisiana Innovation Council by Gov. Bobby Jindal.


“The LIC was established by the administration and legislature,” Guice said. “It is governed by board members representing major economic groups, educational institutions and gubernatorial appointees.”


In a press release explaining the executive order to create the LIC, Louisiana Economic Development staff secretary Stephen Moret said the council will continue to move Louisiana forward.


“It will help the state develop and implement targeted policies, programs and investments designed to maximize the potential of our increasingly knowledge-based economy,” Moret said in the release. “We will bring together academia, the business community, economic development and workforce leaders, as well as some of Louisiana’s leading entrepreneurs.”


Guice said the LIC’s mission is to establish a comprehensive economic strategy and innovation agenda which will help to advance the state’s economy and enhance competitiveness throughout Louisiana.


“As chairman, I will work closely with Moret,” he said.


“I will chair all of the meetings and provide leadership in developing plans and programs to foster innovation across the state.”


Guice said he believes it was Louisiana Tech’s prior success in innovation, commercialization and industry partnerships that played a role in his being considered for the position.


“It was an appointment made by the governor based upon my experience in working across the state in major research and innovation activities,” he said.


He said he is honored to be asked to serve in such a prestigious position.


“I feel strongly about the need for Louisiana universities and industries to work together to advance Louisiana’s long-term economic competitiveness,” Guice said. “And I am pleased that Jindal and Moret have confidence in my abilities to lead this organization.”


While in his position, Guice said he plans to devote a lot of time to networking and advocating the success of innovation activities already established.


“We have many great faculties around the state who have research programs that produce results that can benefit industries in the state,” he said. “We want to link those together more regularly.”


He said it is important to meet with the industry leaders and understand their needs, as well as their industry.


“We will be looking at things that have worked in other states and see if they would be appropriate to use here,” he said. “I will continue to work with higher education leadership and researchers and economic development staff, as well as leadership of various companies and business groups.”


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