Granny’s opens new Ruston location

January 14, 2016

Frederic Nelson

Staff Reporter | fpn001@ latech.edu


There are many food places to choose from around Louisiana Tech campus; however the majority of them typically serve fast food.


“I love to eat but lately it is hard to find a meal that gives a variety of all food groups that are cooked fresh,” said Elizabeth Smith, a junior chemistry major.

Granny’s staff caters to the needs of patrons during a Tuesday lunch rush–Photo by Ashley Kober

Granny’s staff caters to the needs of patrons during a Tuesday lunch rush–Photo by Ashley Kober


Granny’s Restaurant has opened up across the street from the University two weeks ago ,and it serves a Southern home-style form of cooking.


“I got tired of eating fast food, until this new place opened up across the street and the food they served just swept me off my feet,” Smith said.


James Torrance, the restaurant’s owner, spent months trying to find a building in Ruston, because he wanted to have a restaurant close to a college campus.


“The Granny’s franchise first opened up back in Bastrop, my hometown, and after five years we quickly moved to West Monroe and now we’re finally in Ruston,” Torrance said.


The inspiration behind constructing the Torrance family business came when James’ sister Halle Torrance would cook for him and five other siblings growing up.


“I started all the Granny’s Family Restaurants in Bastrop, and honestly I can say that my love for wanting to cook fresh foods and making someone happy is what started all of this,” Torrance said.


Halle Torrance also started off as a waiter at the first restaurant where Granny’s would first be established in.


“It’s quite amazing how you might be in a small situation one minute, and then the next you blossom into a situation more beautiful,” Halle Torrance said.


The restaurant sells a variety of menu items, including pork chops, hamburger steaks, fried chicken steaks, cabbage, macaroni and cheese, red beans and rice, New Orleans rice, fish, sweet potato pie, red velvet cake and pecan pie.


“The type of food we sell here it all really just depends on who says it, some call it old-fashioned cooking to soul food,” Torrance said.


Tech alumnus Zacchaeus Williams recently tried Granny’s for the first time and was quite pleased with the food service given.


“I thought I was going to waste my whole check for the week on the place because the food was that great,” Williams said.


The Torrance family are hoping to keep the restaurant in Ruston as long as they can and are hoping to get a lot of positive reviews.


“We honestly still live in a chicken McNugget generation, and so I’m hoping it will give students an opportunity to try daily fresh food that is good for them and is to their satisfaction,” Torrance said.


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