Graffiti is also art

February 25, 2016





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Artistic expression is under constant attack.


Many people believe art is restricted to certain media.


Art can mean different things to various individuals and how they choose to express their art doesn’t downgrade the fact that it is art.


Even though graffiti is a form of vandalism, we should not always look at it in a completely negative way.


In certain circumstances when it is clear it has involved the desecration of a public or private place with the intention of harming the property, then this definitely is not art.


But there are instances when the artist is using the environment as art to benefit the environment.


Instead of looking down on these street artists and their art, we should look at the message they are preaching and appreciate their perspective of using urban life in art.


The well-known English street artist Banksy not only creates street art, but is also a political activist who displays opinions through what society considers graffiti.


Banksy is not the only street artist who has done this, but Banksy has traveled all over the world leaving an artist’s mark in various cities and countries.


This is a unique thing about street art and graffiti; it can travel.  It can also remain in the same place for many different people to see at points in life.


Street art often preaches messages of anti-government, political issues and anti-commercialism, giving the artist a visual voice.


There are also many beautiful street art illustrations.


It ultimately includes a wide range of artistic expression, giving artists an urban public canvas.


It’s not necessarily desecration if you do not view it in this way.


Although it is art, it is still illegal and considered damage to public and private property.


I’m not encouraging everyone to go out and graffiti their homes and other public property just for fun, but I do think just because it is illegal it should not be discredited as artwork.


It is merely another form and outlet for these artists.


Art has always evolved throughout history and street art is just a modern branch of a new art form.


This art form could be considered as a new cultural movement with art and celebrating the integration of old art forms (buildings and structures) and new media outlets (spray paint and other graffiti).


No matter what it is, one cannot argue the majority of graffiti has a strong statement.


I would assume the artists vision was for the world to know because of choosing to put it in a public location rather than on a lone canvas.


Graffiti and street art have begun to be recognized by the artistic community in recent years, but still receive flack in some instances.


Also, street art does not simply involve spraying paint onto a wall; a lot more extensive work and tools are used to create these pieces of art.


We should all celebrate all forms of artwork and respect the message the artist is trying to convey.


Ellie Moslander is a senior journalism major from Albuquerque who serves as editor-in-chief for The Tech Talk.


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