Graduate school expands Six Sigma certificate

February 5, 2017


Starla Gatson
News Editor | sjg021@latech.edu 


Louisiana Tech students will be given the opportunity to gain and develop leadership and problem-solving skills with the expansion of the Six Sigma Black Belt certificate.


The Six Sigma Black Belt certificate teaches Lean enterprise concepts and Six Sigma’s Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control model to allow graduates to analyze a company’s processes and make improvements within the organization.


The certificate, which was previously offered only to graduate students within the College of Engineering and Sciences, will be extended to a university level during spring quarter.


Beth Hegab, program coordinator for engineering and technology management, said though the courses offered are geared toward engineering students, they are highly beneficial to students interested in various industries.


“This is something that makes a student very marketable in industry,” Hegab said. “The courses we offer are for the master students in engineering management and industrial engineering but we have students from all over the college taking the courses.”


Hegab, program coordinator for engineering and technology management, said the program consists of four courses: statistical analysis, quality control, design and analysis of experiments and a project class during which students will use skills developed in the first three courses to improve a system.


Six Sigma candidates are required to take and earn a grade of at least a B in all four courses to complete the program.


Hegab said earning a Six Sigma Black Belt will help graduates be more sought-after and valuable when they enter the workforce.


“This particular program makes our graduates much more marketable because this is something that all different industries are asking for,” she said. “They’re asking for our graduates to have this training, and this allows our students to find jobs much more quickly.”


Hegab said skills learned in the program can be used


“You can use these skills in any company,” Hegab said. “And it’s a way to analyze what’s going on and make it better.”



Sheryl Shoemaker, dean of Tech’s graduate program, said believes adding certificates and concentrations to the graduate program is important because they allow students to develop certain skills to aid in potential careers.


“Graduate certificates are designed to provide individuals with areas of specialized training, skills or knowledge to further develop a career or allow someone to change a career,” she said.


Shoemaker said she thinks students’ response to the certificate will be positive because of its ability to affect one’s future career.


“The response to the Six Sigma Black Belt certificate will likely be significant, as it can increase an individual’s marketability and future earning potential,” she said. “This particular certificate provides training in areas such as leadership and statistical methods to improve business processes.”


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