Goodbyes are easy, leaving is hard

February 16, 2012



Mary Timmons


When I came to the Tech Talk last fall, I never imagined how much my life would be influenced and changed.


To many I seemed like a slacker, someone who wasn’t willing to put the necessary time into being a reporter let alone an editor. After a first week of tough criticism, I found my way. Once I realized that journalism was more than just a job to me, it was reflected in my work. The Tech Talk was no longer just a class I needed to graduate; it was my life.


I have finally found something that I am truly passionate about and no one can make me feel otherwise.
I came to college not only to further my education but also to figure out who I was as an individual. The Tech Talk was among many elements that helped me find my way.  It made me feel as if I have a purpose and that others actually cared about what I had to say.


As editor for The Tech Talk, the stress is unimaginable for anyone who is not familiar with the title. Even after days of editing, I still found it difficult to sleep the night before print.


The thought of something being wrong petrified me until I saw the final product on Thursday. I would then get a day’s worth of rest before the vicious cycle started again.


Only those who work in the newsroom are able to fully understand the relationship you develop with the staff of the paper. There are times when I wanted to scream at my former editor-in-chiefs or curse my managing editors.


There are moments when it felt as if we were trapped in Keeney Hall for hours at a time, and there was no way out. The only way we could escape was with a smoke break or a quick walk to Tolliver Hall to grab coffee.


It gets beyond hectic when deadlines are not met and you have to make arrangements for last minute interviews and edits.


It’s extremely frustrating when you know you’ll be working on newspaper-related task until midnight and you wonder how you will ever find time to study for your Spanish exam the next day.


It’s times like these that make me realize that this paper is about more than just me. I would be lost without my staff. They put just as many hours into the Tech Talk as I do and giving them no credit for what we’ve created would be selfish.


It’s more than just being classmates; you must trust them enough so that they become somewhat of a family. Family members may drive me close to insanity and there will be some I prefer over others, but at the end of the day they are still family. I would be willing to stand behind a family member regardless of the circumstances.


The Tech Talk has done much more than test my sanity. I’ve met students and faculty on this campus who have inspired and enlightened me. I would have never come across these individuals if it wasn’t for working with the newspaper.


I look forward to my future and believe that my opportunities are much broader because on the experience I’ve gained from The Tech Talk. In my last week as editor all I can think about is the fact that I might actually get sleep next quarter.


This newspaper has pushed me far too close to the edge of insanity, but I love it. I’m addicted to working for the Tech Talk. I can’t remember how my life was without it.


Like any addiction it will be something that is hard for me to break away from, but I realize it is time for someone else to take the top position. She might be nervous and there is no doubt that she will be stressed, but I leave to her knowing that she is capable of carrying on. I’ll stand in the back for support if it is ever needed.

Mary Timmons is a senior journalism major from Logansport who serves as editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to mnt005@latech.edu.




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