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April 19, 2018



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For as long as I can remember, I have never been a person that is able to conform to change. A consistent routine of waking up, going to class, going to work, doing homework and sleeping (only sometimes) has been my way of life for a few years now. But from time to time, I will step out of my comfort zone just to give myself a little break. I mean, college students deserve one at some point, right?


Being the the introverted homebody that I am, I always feel slight relief when plans get cancelled. But if there is one thing I have learned while I have been in college the past few years it is that you will never meet new people and find out what you are really interested in if you never branch out. So this year, I tried something different.


Last weekend was literally the first time I have been to a party in over a year. Even though I only stayed for an hour and felt slightly uncomfortable due to my wardrobe choices, I have to admit that I actually enjoyed myself.


I also took a different route this year by going to more campus events. Being sheltered for the past couple of years has been one of my specialties, but having friends that are complete opposites from you helps a lot too.


As we all know, the college years are the best time to break barriers and try new things. Whether that is going out to a bar for the first time or joining as many organizations as you can, it is OK to go crazy and be a little insane (just for a little while though).


I have come to realize that being so caught up in your own little safe spaces of your comfort zone may cause you to regret it in the future. Why wait to try new things when you can be enjoying life now?


We should not wait until we are all old and wrinkled, looking back and wishing we would have had the time of our lives while we were in college.


So, for all of my introverts out there, I would say from time to time to let loose and give yourself a well-needed break from everything.


Now do not be mistaken, I am not saying for you to go out and drink irresponsible amounts of alcohol. What I am suggesting is that it is OK to give Netflix a break from your constant streaming to go out and do something new because you never know what might happen when you step outside your comfort zone.


From the wise words of Luca Hall, it is time for people to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. And by people, I mean me.


Tamaria Williams is a junior communication major from Haynesville who serves as a staff reporter for The Tech Talk. 


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