Getting real with Guice

February 22, 2018


Tech president Les Guice addresses students’ concerns at the SGA’s Q&A session


University president Les Guice met with approximately 70 students on Feb. 7 to answer questions and discuss the university’s future plans. – Photo by Madison Wooley


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The new high-tech engineering building, added parking and future plans for a green extending from Keeny Hall all the way to Memorial Gym were only a few of the projects discussed at the Q and A session with Louisiana Tech President Les Guice.


About 70 students attended the official question and answer session with Guice hosted by Student Government Association Feb 7. Along with Guice, Vice President of Student Advancement Jim King, and a few additional administration representatives attended the event in order to give complete and more satisfactory answers.


Beginning with a presentation overview of the progress being made regarding Louisiana Tech’s expansion, Guice then opened the floor to questions from the students in attendance.


Guice, the featured guest of the Q and A, said he valued the opportunity to communicate personally with students the direction in which Tech is headed. It was also an opportunity for him to understand the mindsets of the students and what is problematic for them.


“This meeting is to share where we are as an institution and where we’re going” Guice said. “I also use it as a way to connect with the students and understand what they need and what issues need to be addressed. I learned many things today from the questions of the students that I didn’t know before.”


The meeting included explanations of the various construction projects appearing all over campus. These projects include: new lighting, new housing, old trees being removed and new ones being planted, the new engineering building fully funded by alumni only, and of course, in the midst of all of this, the shifts in parking across campus.


“We had some questions that were very specific to a course or a major and those are good for me to hear,” Guice said. “And then you have some broad questions as well. I can’t answer every question but I can try to point them in the right direction and focus on the things that can help resolve those issues.”


Guice candidly answered questions ranging from issues with parking to values of diversity in the student population and even to more specific questions regarding a particular class.


SGA president Ben Rice looked back on the event with satisfaction at the turnout and nature of the meeting itself. He said the meeting raises his hopes for further communication between the administration and students in the future.


“I want students to be involved more with the question process and be involved with the administrators,” Rice, a senior English and Spanish double major, said. “Every student on this campus can tell you something they’re mad about, but when you ask, ‘What have you done about that?’ They’ll say, ‘Nothing.’ It was really just to encourage students to let their voice be heard — getting students here and letting them know that Dr. Guice does care about what they say.”


One such student, Matthew Strum, a sophomore chemistry major, raised his voice. Posing a question regarding a lack in the offering of a necessary technical writing class for engineering students, Strum received the acknowledgement and commitment of Guice to see what he could do about the matter.


“Coming to this meeting was important because it hasn’t been done in the past,” Strum said. “I wanted to reward Dr. Guice for doing something like this by showing up. This is extremely valuable and should be a regularly scheduled event. It’s important to engage with the top and we can do that here. I definitely feel like my voice has been heard.”


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