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March 26, 2015


Feature Editor


A swipe to the right could change your life forever. OK, well maybe not forever, but it could change it.




Tinder, a free cell phone application, is one of the easiest and fastest ways to discover new people who you may not have the opportunity to meet otherwise.


Swiping right, or left, is quickly becoming a huge social phenomenon among young adults across the country. As it gains popularity, it is also gaining acceptance.


When originally introduced to Louisiana Tech’s campus, Tinder was utilized in other ways.


It developed a reputation for being a medium where its users could meet up for other reasons, and although some still use it for that, its rapid growth is proving it is more than a hookup app.


In a blog titled “Keeping Tinder Real,” the Tinder team wrote that their mission is to make matches count.


The way Tinder works is quite simple. Anyone who is a Facebook user can download the app on a smartphone then choose five pictures of his or herself from his or her profile, type a short bio and then set his or her discovery preferences. These include sexual orientation, age and distance preferences.


I personally have mine set to “only men” from ages 21-27 within a four-mile radius of my current location.


However, my discovery is turned off.  This is another option users have if they do not want local Tinder users to see their profile.


Potential match candidates are based off the pages and groups you “Like” on your Facebook profile and the discovery settings you select.


Once users have their account, they can start swiping. Swipe right if you like and left if you don’t.


If the “swipe right” is mutual, it means you have a match. Matches are a real confidence booster. When your matches send you personal messages, it boosts that confidence even more.


Tinder has more than 850 million swipes and 10 million matches every day, that is 10 million people you could potentially meet.


I’ve started describing Tinder as the free, young adult match.com.


If you’re looking for an ego boost or a date on Friday night or even just a new friend, Tinder’s got your back. Don’t be ashamed to get your swipe on!





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