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October 21, 2017


Sarah-Katherine Semon

Staff Reporter | sks033@latech.edu


Gaga: Five Foot Two Rating – Four of Five Stars


“Gaga: Five Foot Two,” the unfiltered documentary of one of the biggest pop stars in the world hit streaming services Sept. 22. The film, released by Netflix, takes viewers into a day in the life of Lady Gaga.


The singing sensation spared no truth in the movie, making it an honest and genuine representation of her true self. Gaga is known for her outlandish outfits and somewhat strange songs. The documentary shows the real, human side of the singer.


The documentary takes viewers on an up-close-and-personal ride through Gaga’s life as an international superstar. From producing her latest album to playing with her pups, the film shows the Grammy-award winner in her natural habitat, providing a raw look into the world of Gaga.


The documentary shows a behind-the-scenes look at the intimate process of producing an album. Mark Ronson, music producer extraordinaire, makes multiple appearances throughout the film, helping Gaga with her most recent album. In these scenes in particular, it is clear that Gaga cares about her music and surrounds herself with people who support her in her endeavors.


She explains she has tried for years to not lose control to the “higher-ups” in the music industry. It is evident, not only in her music but also in her documentary, that she has kept that control and is working every day to be her best self.


A standout in the documentary is not a person or thing, but the honesty of Gaga. She held nothing back, from sharing her feeling towards other artists, like Madonna, to the ups and downs of the condition of her health.


Perhaps the most emotional scene in the film shows Gaga explaining the story behind Joanne, the namesake for her most recent album. In an interview with The New York Times she recalls the story of her aunt, who lost her life to an illness before Gaga was born.


The scene opens a wound in Gaga and she bleeds out on-screen for the viewers to see; this is music for listeners but for Gaga, it is her life. Behind the clothes, hair and makeup, Gaga is a human being just like everyone else and this documentary shows this.


She talks a lot about her former albums and the person she was and where she was in life when those albums were made and released. It is clear that Gaga has grown tremendously and triumphed through many low-points in her life.


Although Gaga is clearly working through some very difficult things, the film still portrays her as the intelligent and strong woman she is. The documentary as a whole shows not a celebrity but a person coming into her own and realizing she does not have to apologize for who she is.


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