September 19, 2013
"Having an athlete's drive in this business has made me successful." – Ryan Moats

“Having an athlete’s drive in this business has made me successful.” – Ryan Moats


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This is the first entry of a series looking into the many different career paths of former Louisiana Tech University athletes.


Louisiana Tech has seen many great athletes walk through its halls, but one in particular remembers how it felt to walk away from this university with a passion in something other than school.


Ryan Moats came to Louisiana Tech in the fall of 2002 from Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas.


Moats career at Louisiana Tech included rushing for 13,000 yards in his sophomore and junior seasons.


Moats said he learned more playing professional football than he ever thought would be possible for an athlete.


“Throughout my years in the NFL, I learned how to be a great business man, as well as played football,” Moats said. “Learning these skills has built me into the business man I am today.”


Now he owns his own company in Dallas, where he programs software and print materials.


“I was always very artistic growing up and I loved to draw,” Moats said. “Once I realized I could fulfill this dream because I played football and I was able to learn the business aspect, I decided to make my own path.”


Moats said the business brings out his passion for art.


“I own Moatsworks Studios and we do a great amount of graphic designs for other companies,” Moats said.  “I enjoy creating and finding new forms of art for my customers.”


He said his business consists of a variety of products.


“Our products range from programed software to billboards that are seen on the side of the interstate,” Moats said. “We provide a multitude of products that are beneficial in advertising especially.”


Moatsworks Studios has helped design an introduction for the video games “Madden 11” and “Madden 12”, several logos for businesses and organizations as well as iPhone games and product concept designs.


Moats said having the opportunities to enjoy so many different experiences has humbled him.


“Having an athlete’s drive in this business has made me successful,” Moats said.  “Athletes have a burning passion for their sport, whereas I transformed my passion into something I have loved all my life.”


Moats said he still gives credit to Louisiana Tech for helping show him his full potential.


“I enjoyed my time at Louisiana Tech and made some friends who became like family to me,” Moats said. “I am proud to say I went to Tech and was able to make a name for myself through things I have always had the most passion for.”


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