From LA to L.A.

October 26, 2017


Terry Pittman Jr.

Staff Reporter | tgp005@latech.edu


Morgan Fangue, a senior graphic design major, spent her summer in Los Angeles for a design internship. – Photo courtesy of Fangue


The majority of college students spend their summers at dream vacation or at interning at a job in their future career field, this summer a Tech student got to accomplish both.


Morgan Fangue, a senior graphic design major, spent this previous summer working as a creative service intern at Avatar Labs in Los Angeles. Fangue’s experience consisted of collaborating with other designers to create a series of branding campaigns for various television shows and movies.


“My favorite project was creating social media visuals for the FX show ‘The Strain,’” Fangue said.


Fangue spent just over three months 1,700 miles away from home, working towards her dream job.


“Los Angeles is so much more than a beach; the environment was very fast pace and driven,” Fangue said.


Fangue’s primary focus in her studies is web and digital media, so she had ample experience with programming because of Louisiana Tech’s School of Design’s curriculum. Fangue credited her preparedness for the internship to the SOD. Fangue’s professors assisted her by refining her design style, improving her communication skills and promoting her work ethic.


“The SOD is such a close-knit, well-rounded and hands on learning environment,” Fangue said. “You can tell that the professors are passionate about design.”


Tom Futrell, an assistant professor and graphic designer, considers the SOD unique due to its collaborative rich environment and faculty that constantly pushes students to succeed. While teaching and debating design concepts are activities Futrell enjoys, he gets the most pleasure out of success stories like Fangue’s.


“Every class is an opportunity to get to know my students better,” Futrell said. “Seeing their success is the best reward.”


Futrell assisted in the restructuring of the SOD in 2014. At that time the existing School of Art and School of Architecture were combined into one entity under the College of Liberal Arts.


“The School of Design educates and prepares designers to create and develop ideas that enhance the form and function of spaces, experiences and communications for the benefit of both public and private audiences,” Futrell said.


The SOD is now served by a full-time faculty of 30 and currently offers three undergraduate degrees and two graduate degrees.


Futrell said he believes classroom education is necessary, but putting one’s education to practice in a professional office is the best training. Futrell urges all students to pursue internship opportunities because they serve as an eye opening experience.


“An internship is an important way to experience multiple perspectives that can inform your career in design,” Futrell said.


“This summer I discovered that I have a passion for the entertainment industry,” Fangue said. “I never gave it much thought beforehand, but now it is a career path I am looking forward to pursuing.”


Fangue plans to move back to California after graduating this upcoming spring.


“Everyone that I met in the city was very motivated and driven,” Fangue said. “That positive energy forced me to improve myself and my craft.”


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