Frazier dominant in life: Techster finds success on and off court

February 21, 2014



Whitney Frazier became the 41st member of the Lady Techsters 1,000 point club during a game on Feb. 8 against Marshall.  – Photo by Donny Crowe

Whitney Frazier became the 41st member of the Lady Techsters 1,000 point club during a game on Feb. 8 against Marshall. – Photo by Donny Crowe

Paul Harris
Staff Reporter


Whitney Frazier’s basketball life began in the fourth grade in El Dorado, Ark. Her career continues today at Louisiana Tech in Ruston, where she recently became the 41st Techster to score 1,000 career points.


Although Frazier has compiled a lengthy list of accolades, her off-the-court temperament may be the most impressive element of who she is.


Teresa Weatherspoon,Lady Techster’s head basketball coach, said Frazier literally means everything to this team.


“People don’t see what she does off the court behind closed doors. Many only see the efforts she puts in on the court in the game, but that’s the same effort she puts in during practice, in the classroom, in trying to fuel her teammates,” Weatherspoon said. “She takes full responsibility for everything that goes on.


She holds herself accountable. She is a kid with tremendous broad shoulders.”


Weatherspoon said Frazier is an all-out energy kid with a deep love for the game that gives her a desire to be great.


Frazier currently leads the Lady Techsters in a multitude of statistics. She is the leader in field goals made (140), field goals attempted (298) and field goal percentage (.470). She also sits on the top of the leaderboard in free throws made (96) and free throws attempted (123).


Frazier also leads the team with 240 rebounds. She has averaged 16 points per game thus far this season, nearly four and a half more points than any other teammate.


Weatherspoon said individual praise does not matter to Frazier.


“She (Frazier) wants to win. That’s amazing when your mind is only focused on winning and being a tremendous teammate,” Weatherspoon said. “That’s when all the other little things come when you’re not even looking.”


Frazier broke into the Lady Techsters’ 1,000 point club Feb. 8, against Marshall University with 11:06 to play in the game.


“She will be known as one of the great Lady Techsters,” Weatherspoon said. “She’s only touched the surface. This is only a little bit of how great this kid will be. She is only going to get better every day and every year because she adds to her game. She’s not complacent.


She doesn’t like where she is all the time, she wants to add more constantly.”


Frazier said by joining the 1,000 point club it makes her feel that if she can reach that she can reach any milestone in life. Frazier is not content just being a member of such an elite group of former Tech athletes.


“I feel like now I have to get to 2,000 before I graduate,” Frazier said. “I’m not satisfied; I always want to get better.”


Weatherspoon siad this displays the progress and maturation Frazier has endured as a player at the collegiate level. She said that Frazier is playing so well because she puts in the extra time and that she constantly wants to get better.


Frazier said a name or certain university doesn’t mean anything to her.


“They play basketball just like me so I can’t let the university they attend intimidate me,” Frazier said. “I just love to compete playing the game of basketball.”


Weatherspoon said Frazier can guard any position on the floor during a game.


“That is her mental approach. She has an amazing mental approach to greatness, she fears nothing and wants to conquer all challengers,” Weatherspoon said.


Despite the win-loss column for the women’s basketball team this year, Weatherspoon said Frazier is winning in other ways.


“She is winning in the game of life,” Weatherspoon said. “This season has taught her that in life no matter what she goes through, and in the game of basketball no matter what she goes through, or where that ball bounces she still must perform. She must still believe that she is a winner. She must still have confidence in herself and understand the value of who she is even when people jump off board.”


Weatherspoon said Frazier is a never-give-up kid, when something doesn’t work she pushes. If that doesn’t work, she pushes again.


“I think this season is a big lesson,” Frazier said. “It teaches me that although you may give your all for something you love, you’re just not going to come out on top sometimes. It teaches you that there will be hard times, but after the cloudy day the sun is going to shine, so we always have to keep getting after it.”


Weatherspoon said the team has a saying they always repeat, “good is for free, great and greatness is a price you must pay.” She added that Frazier embodies the price you must pay to be great on and off the court.


“She has expectations for herself and everyday she’s after those expectations,” Weatherspoon said. “She lives up to what she believes in herself and she lives up to the push that we put behind her,” Weatherspoon said. “I am truly blessed to have this player on my team but she is even more so an amazing person and I am thankful we were able to cross paths.”


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