Forever bleed Tech blue

February 21, 2013


Reina Kempt
Sports Editor


I’ve been a part of the Tech family since 2009. I first stepped on to this campus as a Lady Techster under head coach Teresa Weatherspoon, but somewhere down the line I had to do what was best for me, which was to pursue my journalism career head on.


Making that decision was nerve wrecking for me. My whole life was about basketball, and to make a drastic change that seemingly made all those countless hours I spent in the gym useless, was devastating. It seemed more so for my friends, fans and family, as still to this day some rag me about quitting basketball. Some friends don’t even talk to me any more because of it. And I use the term “friend” loosely.


I started to wonder if I made the right choice to come to Tech, to play basketball at this level and to pursue a degree in something that isn’t guaranteed money. As time went on, God opened doors for me to let me know I couldn’t have made a better choice here at Tech.


If you’re not a fan of Tech, you can hear a lot of things about the school that would make it unappealing; especially for a young black woman like me. My choice to not attend a Historically Black College or University can lead to some salty looks from my peers. Either I’m lucky or naïve, but I have never had a problem beyond the usual here at this university.


Sure, some teachers will give you a hard time and the parking is horrendous but that’s any campus in America.


My personality has never been one to get overly offensive over my school. School spirit was never really my thing in high school. But about Tech, I will argue anybody down to why our football team could give the nation’s best a run for their money and how our sports like basketball and track could surprise anybody at any given time. I will argue that our education is top notch and superior to the flagship university down in south Louisiana.


In my four years at Tech, I have met some amazing people, some inspiring mentors and I have put my foot in the door to where I want to be in my sports journalism career. As this is my last Sports Talk paper as sports editor, I wish to thank everyone in the journalism department for their knowledge and support because I know I gave them hell with all of the special layout designs I wanted during my tenure.


I also want to thank my readers; it’s not about how many are out there reading the Tech Talk faithfully but about the few who do read it and enjoy it. I will take quality over quantity any day.


Editors spend so much time down in the lab to make a great newspaper.


Ask any of our friends where we are right now and their best guess is, we’re in the lab working on the paper.


Though this duty can be stressful, I take it as a test of my mental toughness.


As I walk away from my position as sports editor, I take with me a lot of priceless knowledge and experience, from witnessing the wild Tech vs. Texas A&M game in Shreveport, to going to the Super Bowl Media Day in New Orleans.


Tech has given me ample opportunities to better myself as a journalist, to find myself as a human being and to be prepared for the real world that I am set to be released in to.


I will forever bleed Tech blue and red.


Reina Kempt is a senior journalism major from Baton Rouge. Email comments to rjk007@latech.edu.



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