Forbidden fruit

October 3, 2017


$999. For many students, this might constitute a rent budget for two months. Groceries, bills, necessities. Or, this could foot the bill for the new iPhone X (with the “X” pronounced as “ten”). The smartphone, due for release Nov. 3, 2017, will offer innovative features, from Face ID, which unlocks the phone based on facial identification technology, augmented reality video capabilities, and advanced camera options, including specific portrait lighting settings and a high quality front camera.


In the context of a college setting, the iPhone X seems a bit superfluous. While the phone offers a great deal of features, an iPhone 8, which will be released late September, or other more reasonably priced options, would likely be more than sufficient for most phone needs. The iPhone X offers extras that go above and beyond keeping up with emails and Facetiming long-distance relatives and friends.


By nature, colleges often foster a competitive atmosphere. Whether it be in the classroom, at intramural volleyball on Thursday nights or juggling the most organizations, students are encouraged to be active participants in campus activities. Keeping up with the Jones, or Sarah in the dorm next door, can easily be fallen into. Often subconsciously, students strive to stay on top in many areas of life, and keeping up with the latest fashionable technology may very well fall on a to-do list. This may lead to unnecessary spending or allocation of funds that should have been used elsewhere to something like the iPhone X. An interesting and innovative product, by some standards, yet it remains in a price range that would likely qualify it as a luxury product for many.


Apple releases have become an anticipated yearly ritual. Each new phone generates buzz and excitement, and each offers add-ons and improvement. In the 10th year of its release, the iPhone X seems to go above and beyond the general yearly improvements, yet there is always next year. While keeping up with the latest technology can be an exciting experience, it can also go a bit beyond the bounds of many college students’ limited budgets.


The iPhone X, in the opinion of The Tech Talk staff, has an air of being a touch extravagant for the needs of college students. While it incorporates a number of interesting and potentially useful features, the product remains beyond the financial and practical reach of many. We feel that practical functionality and accessibility should be of greater concern than so many bells and whistles that might mean ramen for every meal next week.


The phone is a great option if one has extra money to spend, but as it has not been released to the general public yet and reviewed, it may not be the best option for investment for those in the market for a new phone. If having the latest Apple product is a must, however, the iPhone X does offer some new, useful aspects and a streamlined design which many may find appealing and worth the $999 price tag.


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