Football reaching beyond WAC title

September 27, 2012


Reina Kempt
Sports Editor


Louisiana Tech football has risen in a way I never imagined it would when I first came to Tech’s campus in 2009. The most drastic changes that led to this transformation was the arrival of head coach Sonny Dykes in 2010 and the leadership of quarterback Colby Cameron.


Cameron remained a backup quarterback going into his junior year when freshman Nick Isham took the spotlight at the beginning of the 2011 season.


But halfway through the 2011 season, Dykes realized what thousands of fans and supporters had noticed; changes needed to be made. From there, Cameron strapped on his helmet, stepped onto the green turf and made the biggest impact on Tech football that we have seen in a long time.


After winning the 2011 conference title and heading to the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego, people wonder about how good the Bulldogs can actually be with Cameron playing from the start of the season instead of halfway through like last year.


Already this season, the Bulldogs are breaking records by scoring 50+ points in consecutive games for the first time since 1910 in one season. This amazing feat decorates their 2-0 record with wins over Houston and Rice University.


Everyone has their money on Tech to win the Western Athletic Conference, but I believe Dykes and the team have bigger goals in mind.


Dykes has scheduled some pretty big teams to contend with before getting into conference play. First up is Illinois this weekend and Virginia the week after.


Illinois is a team in the Big Ten Conference and Virginia is in the Atlantic Coast Conference. These are two of the biggest conferences in college athletics.


Why would a coach in his right mind put big name teams on the schedule that could potentially tarnish our record before even getting to conference play? Because he’s seeing the bigger picture.


Forget losing, beating these teams would cause people to start talking about how much of a threat Tech actually could be.


Playing semi-big schools just wins small conference titles and possibly playing in a small bowl game. And that’s just fine if you’re content with just being the five-time conference champions.


Tech has been building and expanding in many different aspects to become noticed as a major university, from new facilities to better educational programs, but why can’t the sports program join the growth? Dykes and the Dogs definitely don’t want to be left out of the growing process.


It seems that Dykes wants to be more than just WAC champions, he wants to be invited to one of the biggest bowls in the NCAA. Who in their wildest dreams could see Tech at the Orange Bowl or the Sugar Bowl?


I believe Dykes knows that it can’t just be a dream; he and this Tech program have to act upon it. They can’t wonder if they could beat big programs; they will have to take the risk and actually play big programs to receive recognition.


Dykes seems to have no plans of slowing down but that’s what Tech is about, forward progress. And Dykes is not just moving forward, he is moving full speed ahead and whoever is in the Dogs’ way better watch out.


Reina is a senior journalism major from Baton Rouge. Email comments to rjk007@latech.edu.



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