First step, senior projects; second step, graduation

May 14, 2015



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It’s that time of year again — weather gets warmer, flowers bloom and Louisiana Tech sees off another graduating class. Before some of these seniors can part ways with their beloved university, they must complete one final senior project.


Sarah Noonan, a senior animal science major, said her project is about a topic that she feels extremely passionate about.


“My senior project is on canine oncology, which is the study of cancer in dogs,” she said. “I will be covering the basis of each cancer, treatments and other forms of drugs to reduce the cancer into remission.”


Noonan said she has been diligently working on her senior project since the beginning of spring quarter.


“This project has included a lot of research,” she said. “I would say it has taken me more time and effort than anything I’ve done in college.”


Noonan said although this project was challenging, it has taught her a few good things before entering veterinary school.


“I have had a wonderful experience at Tech and amazing professors,” she said. “I have gained so much knowledge from this project and it’s just the beginning to many new challenges I will face at veterinary school.”


Marley Jackson, a senior chemical engineering major, said her senior project has challenged her views on petrochemical operations.


“In many types of petrochemical operations, sour water is produced as a result of refining,” she said. “For our project, we considered three different scenarios for the stripping process and simulated each in ChemCad.”


Jackson said her senior project group has dedicated most of their time this spring quarter to this project.


“We were assigned this project and given 30 days to do it,” she said. “We worked on it just about every day and spent around three to four hours on it each day.”


Evan Pringle, a senior architecture major, said his project is actually a part of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture steel competition.


“I have chosen to design an art gallery in Austin, Texas,” he said. “I chose this location because I can take advantage of the artsy and hipster culture that Austin has.”


Pringle said this project means a lot to him.


“This will be my last design in architecture school for my undergrad,” he said. “It has definitely been the most challenging building I have ever designed but it will be so satisfying when it is complete.”


Tech graduation will be  at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 23, in the Thomas Assembly Center.


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