Finding truth in media

January 24, 2014





Nicholas Wagner
Guest Columnist


As John Mayer says in “Waiting on the World to Change,” “when they own the information, they can bend it all they want.”


This is the truth in the 24/7 electronic world that we live in. To be fair, media bias is nothing new in this country.


If individuals only read one newspaper, they only hear one version of the news. One cannot hope to watch only CNN, only FOX or only MSNBC and truly hear the whole story.


The Affordable Healthcare Act is a newsworthy story that has been highly covered in the mainstream media. However, it is a highly complicated piece of legislation that is sometimes hard to comprehend and easy to misinterpret.


Huffington Post reported on an episode of Hannity that caught Sean Hannity’s guests in a lie on FOX News when explaining how Obamacare was going to hurt their small business. The guests refused to respond to MSNBC’s allegations. Not only did they misrepresent the facts, they blatantly lied on TV.


The need for 24/7 available media has brought many undesirable qualities out of these news companies. That is not to say they are all bad; much of the time they do a fine job. But, when the comments made by “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson get more news time than a bipartisan budget deal reached by a Congress that recently went through a government shutdown, the news media, as well as the viewers, need to re-examine their priorities.


We must remember, when viewing a story from TV, the Internet or newspapers to do our best to separate important from unimportant and fact from fiction.


Nicholas Wagner is a junior architecture major from Bossier City. He is featured as a guest columnist for the Tech Talk. Email comments to new007@latech.edu.


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