Finals Week: From the Professor’s Desk

November 12, 2015


Staff Reporter |flw005@latech.edu


Grab the coffee and prepare for late nights and early mornings, finals week is making its way to Louisiana Tech, it is often said to be the most difficult time for students, but some professors speak up about what finals week looks like for them.




“I’m teaching an overload this quarter,” Genaro Smith said. “I know finals week is going to be hectic for me, so what I will try to do to help myself is have the last papers graded before I give the final.”


As an English professor, Smith said teaching 86 students and having to review essays from each one weighs in heavy on what finals week will look like for him.


“Most times I will have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to grade papers,” he said. “I like to have all papers graded before the last exam, because I want my students to know where they stand in the class before they take the final.”



Smith said it would be unfair to students if he did not sacrifice his time because his students need to know what they need to make on the final in order to pass.


He said with stacks of compositions, research essays, reading assignments and journals, the process is neverending.


“There is no shortcut to finals week madness,” he said, “The best way to remain calm is to stay on top of all the assignments and try not get behind on grading.”


Hunter Patton, a graduate math major, said it never dawned on him the struggle professors have during finals week.



“I never really gave it much thought from a teacher’s view,” he said. “I know it is difficult for them as well, since they have to grade papers, review assignments and continue to answer to their students.”


Patton said the teachers have to be prepared for finals week just as much as students.


But mathematics and statistics professor Jinko Kanno said finals week is not as stressful or hectic for her as it is for some of her coworkers.


“Finals week is really everything being summarized for the quarter,” she said. “If I am prepared well, then it should not be too much of a problem for me.”


Kanno said not only does having 18 students help her during finals week, but doing most work during the beginning of the quarter and grading papers as she gets them helps, too.


She also said she has an advantage because she is not an English teacher.


“English professors are not just giving out exams,” she said. “They are giving feedback, not just grading, to countless students on grammar or structure.”


Kanno said finals week is a different level of stress for every professor, depending on his or her department and field.


“I don’t have any last week chaos this quarter,” she said. “Finals week should be smooth for both me and my students.”


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