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July 13, 2017



All of us watch television and movies. Whether it be on classic cable, Netflix or by some other means, we each find our own shows and films to get into. I think it is great how many people, young and old, are keeping up with art and supporting their favorite creators nowadays. We may be a nation with an embarrassing literacy rate, but Americans love  television and film culture. Fandom drives television and film culture.


There is, however, a small faction of television fans who give fandom a bad name with their shallow tastes and skewed idea of good art. These types of fans have the wrong idea of what goes into making good art with television and film . By this, I mean people who do not know how to properly watch these shows.


These types of fans often stick to one type of television show or film which they watch mostly for the action. They do not listen to other people’s opinions and stay in their own bubble of personal tastes.  These types of fans are what leads to good, character-based works getting overshadowed by lesser, more disposable works. They ruin it for the rest of us with their backward tastes. Here are a couple of ways to be a proper fan.


First, it is imperative to take people’s recommendations. You have probably told one of your friends something like, “Oh, that sounds good, I’ll have to watch it” and not think twice about it. It is easy to simply say this and forget, but making a point to actually give other people’s recommendations a chance can expand your tastes and help others to do the same.


Second, I find nothing more annoying than someone getting highly upset about spoilers. Some people watch twisty shows like “Game of Thrones” for the wrong reasons. They do not consider an episode a success unless there was some big death or “wow” moment. If they happen across any sort of spoiler, it apparently ruins the story for them. This is why you should strive to  enjoy a show from a character perspective. Understanding the interconnected reasons why the big moment happened is more important than how twisty a turn was.


Finally, you should try and tune into your favorite shows from time to time and savor episodes as they are released. With television, most of its appeal is its episodic nature. When watched according to schedule, the viewing experience, though it may be hard to find time or suffer through hiatuses, is ultimately heightened.


With Netflix-type outlets, you can always try to watch season in packs of two or three to try and emulate this experience. A “binge buddy” could be another way to achieve a more monumental feel to your viewing experience. The point is to watch the show with some conviction instead of blazing through different shows and films.


Going to the movie theater is the ultimate way to support your favorite artists. Catch a matinee if you can manage it. Supporting the box office of your favorite actors and director’s films only ensures they are able to keep making them for you.


These are all ways to be an open-minded fan of television and film. By keeping these ideas in mind, you can help give fandom a good name while properly supporting and allowing television and film to blossom through discussion and critical thinking.


Dillon Nelson is a senior English literature and communications major from West Monroe who is a staff reporter for The Tech Talk. 


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