Every dog finds its purpose

February 10, 2017


Ethan, played by Dennis Quaid, with Bailey during one of his reincarnations. – Dreamworks Studio


Mia Hester
Staff Reporter | msh061@latech.edu


“A Dog’s Purpose” was released Jan. 27th and was directed by Lasse Hallström. The movie is about the reincarnation of a particular dog named Bailey.


Hallström has directed many movies, such as: “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” “Safe Haven,” “The Hundred Foot Journey,” “Dear John” and “Chocolat.”


The cast in the movie were mainly under-the-radar actors except for Dennis Quaid.


The movie was filled with heartfelt moments, just as you would expect in an dog movie. Think of the movie “Marley and Me” or even “Lassie.”


The visuals were quite pleasing and changed throughout the movie with each owner of the dog.


In the beginning, were in a average suburban area with a middle class family in the ‘60s era. Then the dog, Bailey, was reincarnated into a police dog in the ‘70s era. After that, he came back as a Corgi, which is a smaller dog, and that was in the ‘80s and ‘90s.


The last time the dog came back, he had the same owner as he had the first time he was on Earth, and that was in the present.


Each time Bailey was reincarnated, he had a different purpose because he was in different situations. He learned things from each owner, because each one was unalike from the next one.


One was a little boy that he grew with, another was an African-American woman in college, then  a Hispanic policeman.


In the movie, Bailey, voiced by Josh Gad, said a dog’s purpose was to enjoy life, but it was more than that. He was there to use what he had learned in order to help those when possible.


He had learned to appreciate the good owners and things from the bad. Bailey was even a stray dog for a while, but it worked out in his favor.


The heartfelt moments of the movie were the relationships and bonds that he had made with the different owners.


Another thing that was interesting about the movie was that they used the concept of reincarnation in a dog movie.


On the other hand, the transitions between each life seemed a bit forced. The producers should have made them more cohesive and smooth.


The movie also seemed a bit rushed overall, and there was not an equal time for each owner. The beginning part was with the first owner, Ethan, and he was with Ethan for most of the movie. There should have been a balance between each owner and dog; but the focus was mainly on one relationship.


Although this relationship with Ethan and Bailey was the one of the most heartfelt relationships in the movie, there should have been a little more of that in each situation.


In the end of the movie, everyone learns the value of relationships with their pets and even the people in one’s lives.


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