Engineers hold dodgeball tournament

March 27, 2014


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Students’ speed, strength and skill were on display March 18 during the Engineers Without Borders’ quarterly dodgeball tournament in the Lambright Center’s Blue Gym.


John Paul Amador, president of EWB, said the night went according to plan.


“The purpose of the tournament tonight was to raise money for our organization, namely for future projects we are seeking to undertake,” Amador said. “We have a few community projects that we are hoping to have finished soon, but we are really pushing to fund our overseas projects.”


Amador said the requirements for entry were easy to follow, and a bigger turnout than expected happened.


“The entrance fees were $25 per team, with seven teams registering,” he said. “Custom team names were allowed, with the champion team receiving a refund of their entrance fee and some of our really awesome, limited-edition T-shirts. You can never go wrong with free publicity.”


Amador said he saw the night as a success, despite not having a defined goal.


“We made approximately $150 in all,” he said. “Even though we did not have a clear goal, we worked the hardest we could in advertising, and we saw our efforts come to fruition.”


The winning team of the night was the “Fighting Grasshoppers,” who only lost one round, but remained undefeated match-wise.


Justin Ivy, a member of the team, said the Fighting Grasshoppers were no strangers to victories here on campus.


“We’re coed football champions, coed softball champions and we have won other assorted dodgeball tournaments around campus,” said Ivy, a senior mechanical engineering major. “We were inspired by March Madness to enter a tournament this week and we survived and made it to the championship.”


Travis Elkins, a junior kinesiology major and member of the team, said his team felt confident they would win from the start of the tournament until the last game.


“There were a few other teams who looked a little athletic and scrappy, but we hung in there and made it down to the end,” Elkins said.


Amador said the EWB members are making plans to hold two tournaments this quarter and are appreciative of Tech’s support.


“We plan on having another tournament right before finals as sort of a pre-finals stress reliever,” Amador said. “We really do appreciate people showing up and helping us get our name out there. The students showing up and remembering us is always helpful.”


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