Elite Troupe puts on atypical show

March 21, 2013

Hope Martin, a senior CIS major, takes on the catwalk at the Elite Modeling Troupe’s most recent ‘fashion show. - Photo by Tyler Brown


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The Elite Modeling Troupe did not conduct a typical fashion show, where models walk the runway and do a turn to merely walk back and do a quick change of clothes. There was choreography mixed with the modeling, as well as opportunities for the models to express their personalities.


A packed room was in attendance to view their colleagues display multiple talents.


Draper Felton, junior psychology major, is the president of the organization.


“It (Elite Modeling Troupe) strives to promote fashion of course, and to promote uplifting self-esteem,” he said. “We try to bring people out of a shell because when they first come to college they may be enclosed.”


Felton said they attempt to show students new things, as well as allow students to get exposure and to be more involved on campus.


“Our goal is to break them open to new ideas and new things,” he said. “We try to boost charisma and attempt to network because after our shows a lot of people notice us in the student body.”


With self-promotion, Felton said this group attempts to make an impact in the community. Every quarter the organization involves itself in community service and philanthropy. Last quarter the group visited the local Boys and Girls Club to paint faces and they also participated in the Walk for Education said Felton.


“The fashion show took on a school-based theme where some models were on the runway and acted as if they were waiting for class to start. A bell sounded and the models scrambled back stage to begin the show,” Felton said.


The event consisted of seven different segments that each held its own theme.


The first was “Thou Shall be Innovative,” followed by “Thou Shall Dress to Kill,” “Thou Shall be Classy,” “Thou Shall be Sexy,” “Thou Shall be Fierce,” “Thou Shall be Dynamic,” and concluded with “Graduation: Thou Shall Walk Like a Model.”


“We’ve been practicing the whole quarter for hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays on our choreography, and I believe it turned out well for us, “said Taqi Mustafaa, junior sociology major.


Dancing is not a typical activity for a fashion show but the “Troupe” was able to included it in their show in a positive way.


“The Troupe is really, really big on expression so that’s what we do,” said Mustafaa.


There were small intermissions between the stated themes. There was a DJ on site, DeMarquis T. Seets, who goes by DJ D Smooth, was responsible for playing music to keep the crowd entertained during the brief breaks in the modeling.


“I’ve been DJing for about a year and a half, I own all my equipment so we can get your venue jumping whenever I’m needed,” Seets said.


There were two other breaks in the modeling that allowed Tech students to display their creativity. The first was a poetry reading by two students.


The theme of the poem, recited by JaCarlos Davis and Breanna Riggins, was relationships. The crowd was able to relate and was not hesitant to voice their opinions of how they felt about the poem with loud outbursts.


“You always want to do something that relates to the people and relates to the crowd and everything that we said and talked about went hand-in-hand with people in relationships,” Davis said, a business administration major.


The second break was a musical performance by Tech’s, “Fairy Tale Entertainment.” This group consisted of six members: Darchi Anderson, Kylin Thomas, Simon Haines, Dillon Williams, Va’Delrius Wilson and Davis. They performed their hit single, “Rub You Down,” which has over 31,000 views on YouTube.


“We were really excited about the turnout and it got us hype to perform,” Thomas said. “This was our first performance as a whole and we felt like we did good,”


Overall the models believed the event was positive for their organization and look forward to their next venture said senior model Terri Pruitt.


“I think it went pretty well and we had a great turnout as our crowd, Pruitt said. “We all did a great job in my opinion.”


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