Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016

June 30, 2016

Xbox_2005_Logo copyMatt Valcho
Editor-In-Chief | mvv002@latech.edu

Prior to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016, Microsoft and Xbox hosted its annual media briefing to showcase what the upcoming year held for fans.

The news conference was filled with the announcements of many new games and even a few demos showcasing what was to come, but the announcement of two new consoles was what really had people buzzing.

Xbox head Phil Spencer opened the briefing with the confirmation of a rumor that had been floating around for a few months: the launch of the Xbox One S at the end of 2016. The One S will be a slimmer and more powerful version of its earlier predecessors.

It will be 40 percent smaller and will include 4K HDR video output, making it compatible with newer 4K HD TV’s that have recently become very popular, and a updated controller with better range.

Xbox also announced that they would be partnering with Windows 10 to make games playable on both PC and console if the user buys a single copy.

Exclusive titles shown off during the news conference included a demo of the upcoming releases “Gears of War 4” and Microsoft Studio’s open world game “Sea of Thieves”, the announcements of racing franchise “Forza Horizon’s” return and the highly anticipated role playing game, “Scalebound.”

While the One S and the upcoming titles are something nice to look forward to, the announcement of its next console at the end of the event grabbed everyone’s attention.

Details are limited on Xbox’s code named Project Scorpio, but during its announcement, it was promised that it would be the most powerful console in the world when it releases in Holiday 2017.

Spencer made it clear that all the upcoming consoles would be a part of the “Xbox family” and that all games released would work on all three consoles. Only graphics would be different.

Overall, Xbox had a good showing before E3 though it left everyone feeling a bit under whelmed, but the unexpected announcement of Scorpio is what really made it a memorable one.


nintendo-logoCaleb Daniel
Managing Editor | csd020@latech.edu

This year’s Nintendo E3 experience was a departure from previous years. Rather than dozens of demo kiosks for different new releases, Nintendo’s 2016 E3 floor was all about one game: “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

Laid out with life-size versions of the new Zelda environment, the Nintendo floor was devoted to demo stations for Link’s latest adventure. And what an adventure it may be!

In the demo, Link awakens in the beautiful, sprawling Great Plateau region, a region so vast it could not be fully explored by players through the duration of E3. Yet Nintendo claims the Great Plateau is only a whopping 1 percent of the total game area.

“Breath of the Wild” incorporates numerous game mechanics never before seen in the series. Flexible item inventories, weapons with stats and durability, and Assassin’s Creed-esque wall-climbing are just a few of the features that seem to make this new Zelda title the most infinitely playable yet.

While “Breath of the Wild” was the only playable Nintendo game at E3, other new releases were previewed during the convention. Most notable among these were Pokemon Sun and Moon, which revealed a new battle format, Battle Royale.

Nintendo also revealed a new RPG/Adventure game for the 3DS called Ever Oasis. The game has strong Egyptian influences and is being led by Koichi Ishii, who worked on several early Final Fantasy titles.

Nintendo’s 2016 E3 showcase may not have included as many releases as previous years, but Nintendo fans are bound to be excited for what may well be the best installment in one of the best video game franchises of all time.


playstation_logoMatt Valcho
Editor-In-Chief | mvv002@latech.edu

During E3 2016, Sony and PlayStation cut back on the theatrics and instead focused on showing off their new line of games coming up over the next year.

At their annual media briefing the day before E3 officially began, PlayStation announced a plethora of upcoming titles to look forward to and also showed off tons of Virtual Reality compatible games for their new PSVR which now has an announced October release window.

PS grabbed gamer’s attentions when it was revealed that “Resident Evil VII,” “Batman: Return to Arkham,” “Final Fantasy XV,” and the newly announced shooter “Farpoint” are a few titles that will be VR compatible. Not to mention that they are just a handful of the many that have been promised to come. Even “Star Wars: Battlefront” will add virtual reality missions.

Also announced at their briefing was the upcoming sequel in the “God of War” franchise, as well as new originals “The Last Guardian” and post “Days Gone.”

Notably absent from Sony’s press briefing was any sign of the yet to be announced PlayStation Neo, the next gen console in the works. All signs point to a Holiday 2017 release to compete with the recently announced Project Scorpio from Microsoft, but nothing is confirmed.

Overall, Sony and PlayStation had a strong showing at E3 with tons of new games and plenty of VR focused titles. The different approach without as many bells and whistles certainly worked and has gamers ready for what should be a great upcoming year.


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