Electoral college voting process needs change

November 8, 2012


A long time ago …in a country once known as great …


Regardless of who won the election, it feels like this is the current state of America.


Barack Obama was re-elected president of the United States on Tuesday.


In a “close” election, we witnessed Obama defeat presidential nominee Mitt Romney by over 100 electoral votes; yet Obama only beat Romney by around a million popular votes.


How many times have we seen or heard a campaign persuading us to go and vote? We live in a country where “every vote counts.”


So why doesn’t the system follow this?


The Electoral College has worked in the past, but it is an outdated system.


A pivotal state with many electoral votes, such as Florida, can be won by only 500 popular votes more than the other candidate.


However, even though each candidate received roughly 50 percent of the vote, one candidate receives all the electoral votes while the other receives none.


It may be time for a change and revert to the majority rule system or a more updated version of the Electoral College.


Another aspect of the voting system that needs to be amended is how the media projects winners.


As soon as polls close, various media outlets instantly begin predicting the winners of various states.


Many different media outlets’ election coverage showed them projecting a states electoral vote to a candidate even though zero votes had been tallied so far.


This could have an impact on people in a different time zone who may not have voted yet.


How can you know the winner of a state when you’ve only counted 4 percent of the total votes for a state? Projections and early polling can only account for so far.


If we are going for a more sensational event, set up the election results like “American Idol.”


Have a great big reveal show around midnight the night of the election. It would easily be the most watched event of all time.


Another sad aspect of election time is social media. If ignorance is bliss, then Facebook becomes Disney World during an election.


For the record, nobody is moving to another country.


Second, you can only blame the winning candidate so much.


After all, they only count for one vote in the election. If you want to blame someone, look at your peers or in a mirror if need be.


The 2012 presidential election featured many dividing lines.


The members of The Tech Talk were highly divided for the election, and much like many of you, some of us are angry while others are excited.


The only thing we can all agree upon is that we hope Barack Obama does in fact do a fantastic job as the president of the United States, the leader of the free world.


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