MULTIMEDIA VIDEO: Dunn wins three golds in Poland

October 18, 2012




Louisiana Tech weightlifter Jordan Dunn bench presses in the weight room. - Photo by Sumeet Shrestha

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Jordan Dunn, a junior psychology major, stood proudly on top of the tier holding the American flag, listening to the national anthem and wearing his gold medals. His father, Dr. Butch Dunn, could barely keep his composure watching his son follow in his footsteps.


“It felt absolutely incredible,” Jordan Dunn said. “To be up there not only representing Louisiana Tech, but also the United States of America.”


Jordan Dunn, a Louisiana Tech powerlifter, won three gold medals in the 74kg weight lifting competition at the 2012 International Powerlifting Federation World Champion last month in Szczyrk, Poland.


“At that moment, a whole bunch of emotions were running at once,” he said. “I feel all the blood, sweat and tears in the gym kind of come together. It’s not everything you get to experience in everyday life.”


Two days before the event, Dunn said he was a little nervous, but once the competition started, he was confident and ready to go.


“I had basically been so nervous that I got it all out of my system before I even went in there,” he said. “I went in there knowing what I had to do and knew the execution would take me where I wanted to be.”


Since Jordan was 12 years old, he has trained with Butch Dunn, a collegiate and world champion, and now trains in his father’s gymnasium, Iron Force Gym.


“Jordan and I have a very unique bond,” he said. “I’m blessed as a parent to not only to experience teaching my son, not only all the way from tee ball, but being fortunate enough to asked to be his high school football coach and powerlifting coach.”


The elder Dunn, who has served as a coach for Team USA, said the event was surreal moment and a culmination of all the memories he had at Tech and representing his country.

“Here he is not only the best colligate (powerlifter),” he said. “But now he has one three gold medals for the United States. It brought tears to my eyes.”


Powerlifting is not an Olympic sport. The only sports that could compare are the Olympic lifting, which is the snatch, the clean and jerk. In powerlifting, you do bench press, squat and dead lift to add up for total.


“This is basically what I’ve trained my body to do,” Jordan Dunn said. “It would be a huge transfer and year’s to do.”


Dunn said, if powerlifting becomes an Olympic sport, he would be sure to join the team.


Butch Dunn and his son will continue to train, and at only 21 years old, he still has a lot of time to fill his wall of awards at his father’s gym.


“Hopefully this year I’ll place first in collegiate competition in April,” he said. “I also hope to qualify for the World Championships in Klein, Texas.”


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