Dorms open during break

November 8, 2012


Sports Editor


For Louisiana Tech, when the fall quarter ends, the campus turns into a ghost town until it’s reopening for the spring quarter. Everything is shut down including buildings, dorms and the cafeteria.


But this year will be different. The dorms will stay open a few extra days from the end of the quarter on Nov. 15 until noon on Nov. 18. The reason for this is the Bulldog’s football game against Utah State Nov. 17 that may determine the WAC champions.


The athletics program is looking for major support from Tech students to show up and support the Bulldogs as they play for the conference title. Closing the dorms would be a major obstacle standing in the way of that goal.


Melanie Peel, director of residential life, said she is excited to be able to open the dorms for such a big cause.


“I am so honored to have a staff that is willing to cut their break short so that their residents can attend the game and not have to worry about a place to sleep that night.” Peel said.


Peel said all applause goes to her student workers who had the decency to think of others rather than themselves.


“The RA’s and hall directors make lots of sacrifices all year long including returning to campus before it opens and leaving after it closes that many students may take for granted,” she said. “It is just a blessing to be surrounded by these campus leaders.”


All on-campus students can now be worry free about where they can stay and can attend the Tech game with ease now due to Peel and her residential staff.


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