Domestic Abuse Resistance Team holds annual Radiothon

May 14, 2015



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Those shopping at Super 1 Foods May 7 saw something unusual during their grocery trip. A mini radio station was set up in the corner of the store near the checkout isles.


Ruston’s Domestic Abuse Resistance Team (DART) held its 14th annual Radiothon spring fundraiser. From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., guests spoke on the radio about domestic abuse.


Randal Hermes, chief of Tech police, was one of those invited to speak on the radio.


“We’ve been on our own campaign on campus working with DART, trying to increase the awareness of our students,” Hermes said. “If this kind of behavior is going on, educating them on where they can go, how they can get help, how we can use all of our resources on campus to make it stop.”


Hermes said in almost all cases, the Louisiana Tech police have been successful with preventing and solving domestic crimes. He stressed the importance of using community feedback in order for the police to operate efficiently.


“We rely on our students and our campus community to play their part as a neighborhood watch,” Hermes said. “If they see things, they need to say something. Even if they call in anonymously, we need all the help we can get to make this place as safe as possible.”


A group of volunteer students from Tech joined in at the front of the supermarket collecting donations, including DART intern Kaitlyn Bundrick.


“My favorite part is probably just seeing all different aspects of running a non-profit organization and also knowing you are making a difference and changing the lives of people,” said Bundrick, a senior family and child studies major.


She said she started working for DART at the beginning of this quarter, and loved the opportunities she got to work with children.


“I think even just being their friend and giving them attention has been really cool,” Bundrick said. “I definitely would be interested in working for DART again. I never thought I would be interested in the field of domestic violence before I worked here, because I didn’t know much about it.”


Pam Dance, a DART member and organizer of the Radiothon, said the event is one of the biggest in the year, but it started small.


“We never thought we would make money,” Dance said. “We made about $3,000 the first year, so we thought maybe we could combine both raising awareness and raising some money. Every year since, the numbers have gone up.”


This year, the goal Dance set was $45,000, in order to top last year’s total of $35,000.


“It brings so much awareness to the issue, which is one of our main focuses,” Dance said.


“The community is what built DART, and the community is the only thing that will keep it going. We see so many people come in and drop off money, and it’s just great to see people giving and coming together as a community.”


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