Divas need out of politics

September 19, 2013


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Anthony Weiner, also known as his sexting alias of Carlos Danger, has been a popular man in New York City and around the country for the past few months, but for all of the wrong reasons.


By now, you probably know all about his 2011 sexting scandal that led to his resignation from the U.S. House of Representatives.


However, some people are still unaware he lost the Democratic primary for New York City mayor earlier this month with less than five percent of the vote, in a theatrical fashion at that.


After giving his concession speech that night, Weiner flipped off the reporters waiting outside to interview him and drove away.


Here is the big question I have been wondering. Why are people surprised?


Weiner is a diva. His mayoral campaign was plagued by his childish antics of even more sexting, arguing with a Jewish business owner the week before the election and now this.


If nothing else, Weiner should serve as an example that divas go nowhere in politics.


American citizens do not want their next elected official to be someone as dramatic and ridiculous as Weiner has presented himself in the last few years.


He once was a respectable congressman and his seven terms in the House of Representatives prove it. He never received less than 59 percent of the vote in his district.


Nevertheless, when you step off that cliff and fall in the hilariously dramatic fashion that he has, you can kiss your political career goodbye.


Even though Americans are not too happy with our political system currently, elected officials are still held as some of the most respectable men and women in our country.


If you are looking for redemption and a way to change people’s perception of you, perhaps you should not try to run for mayor of the most populated city in the nation.


Maybe writing a book would be a good option. Bill Clinton wrote a book after his second term as president ended and has made a big comeback.


Politics is full of crazy people vying to be your representative, just search for Vermin Supreme on YouTube and you will see exactly how crazy.


Scenarios like Weiner’s prove the American people do not take election day lightly.


A lot of thought, hard work and diligence go into deciding for whom you are going to vote.


People still consider voting to be one of their most important duties as citizens and want to exercise that civic duty.


It restores my faith in my fellow citizens to know that even though our country has gone through some rough patches, we still take Election Day seriously and do not elect divas like Anthony Weiner who are seeking office as a publicity stunt.


Kaleb Causey is a senior political science and journalism major from Jonesboro who serves as sports editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to ktc013@latech.edu.



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