Diplo and Skrillex announce collaboration

May 9, 2013


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Electronic dance music has flooded the mainstream, and its musical collaborations have been a driving force.


A big-name collaboration was recently announced: Diplo and Skrillex will make up a new EDM group called Jack U.


Several other musical projects have taken place this year, from Pink and Nate Ruess to Calvin Harris and Florence Welch; but this particular union has ignited some anticipation from bass enthusiasts in the Ruston EDM scene.


“I’m buying Mad Decent Block Party tickets tomorrow,” said Malik Abuhammad, a junior computer information systems major.


He said he wants to attend because he was very pleased with the festival’s line-up, which is where Jack U will eventually  perform.


Abuhammad DJs under the stage name King Shroom in his spare time and said both Diplo and Skrillex have influenced his work immensely.


“Diplo influenced me 100 percent of the way,” he said. “He is probably my favorite artist and producer. Skrillex got me into the scene; Diplo finalized it.”


According to nme.com, “The news came when Skrillex announced the lineup for his infamous Mad Decent Block Parties this week, which featured the act Jack U. Taking to Twitter, Diplo wrote: ‘Jack U means Skrillex + Diplo together.’”


Though some may not obsessively follow these artists, fresh acts are usually appreciated.


Laura Campbell, a senior kinesiology major, said she is  interested to see what they come up with.


“Honestly, I don’t listen to either of them much, but I’m a fan,” she said. “I have respect for both artists and I think together they could potentially bring something new to the table.”


On the other hand, Chris Arflin, a social studies education major, thinks this may just be a publicity stunt.


“I think they are really just doing it to bring people to the show and just spice things up a little bit,” he said. “I mean, come on, who isn’t somewhat intrigued by the thought of those two playing together?”


Arflin, who is locally known for his DJ career as Elephant King, said he does not know what to expect as far as Jack U’s sound is concerned.



“A collaboration between two artists with such different styles will certainly be interesting, but, I don’t think either one of them would do it if it wasn’t going to be fantastic,” Arflin said.


He said Skrillex specifically influenced him, but moreover, he thinks Skrillex influenced the entire scene.


“The guy created a type of dubstep that no one had really heard yet, and it just launched him stardom in the EDM scene,” he said. “His sound literally revolutionized dubstep.”


Regardless of the artists involved, many EDM fans just enjoy the EDM enviornment.


“I have a blast at every show I go to,” Abuhammad said. “You just get a good vibe; that’s what it is.”


Campbell said she loves participating in a no-judgment environment where one can focus solely on feeling the music.


“You can be in a room with thousands of people you’ve never met, but you have one thing in common and it brings you together.”


The Mad Decent Block Party tour touches down in Dallas on Aug 31, which will be the closest venue to Ruston of the 13 scheduled performances; tickets are less than $40 and may sell out quickly.


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