Dining services implements mobile ordering app

June 29, 2017



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For many Louisiana Tech students, the days of waiting in long lines for campus dining will soon be over, thanks to the university’s employment of a new mobile ordering application.


The app, called Tapingo, allows students to order food and drinks from campus restaurants through their mobile phones. The orders are then set aside to be picked up, eliminating the need for students to wait in line for long periods of time.


Jessica Pratt, a senior district marketing manager at Aramark, said Tapingo was created specifically for university dining and is the most utilized mobile ordering solution on campuses across the nation.


“Aramark began implementing the application at universities over a year ago, and once it had proven successful, our Aramark team here at Louisiana Tech pursued implementation of the app,” she said.


The app, released in March of this year, can currently be used at Chick-fil-A, McAlister’s, Burger Studio, Bene, Java City and Jamba Juice on Tech campus.


Tapingo is designed to eliminate long wait times if the campus dining establishments are being overloaded with orders. Pratt said the dining staff has begun to efficiently incorporate the application into their daily routines.


“They have done an exceptional job implementing the application thus far and have treated the Tapingo orders as if there is an invisible person waiting in line,” she said. “Once they complete the Tapingo order, they move on to the next person in line. We are well aware this may cause students in line to question why that is happening, but are hoping it will encourage them to use Tapingo as well.”


Pratt said the local Aramark team began the process of implementing the app on Tech campus last year.


“Our Aramark team began meeting with Tapingo about a year ago and then brought it to Dickie Crawford, dean of student life, and Jim King, vice president for student advancement, in the summer of 2016,” she said. “Since that time, we have been working on deploying the application.”


Shy Anthony, a senior biomedical engineering major, said though she has not used the app, she feels the system will be beneficial in decreasing wait times for food.


“I think that would work, so you don’t have to wait in long lines,” she said. “Whenever I pass McAlister’s, it always seems like there’s a lot of people who are waiting for food.”


Anne Theriot, a senior graphic design major, works at both Java City and McAlister’s and said many students have taken advantage of the app and its convenience.


“At Java, I think there’s maybe five a day that use it,” she said. “But especially at McAlister’s, there’s easily like 20 a night.”


Theriot said the implementation of Tapingo has been enjoyable not only for students, but also for employees.


“I think it’s helped us a lot,” she said. “At McAlister’s especially it’s very helpful. We used to have the call-in orders. Instead of us having to stop and answer the phone, it comes right through and the process is really seamless. As far as being a worker, I enjoy it, and I think it’s really helpful for students. I would use it, too.


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