Delta Sigma Pi hosts lecture on managing money, financial success

April 12, 2018



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Delta Sigma Pi kicked off the month of April with a talk on perseverance and money management.


On April 3, Delta Sigma Pi hosted the It’s Your Money event at the College of Business building. The goal of the event was to provide awareness about money management and how to be financially successful. The guest speaker was Robert Pullis, a teacher in the College of Business. He provided students with information on how to manage their money, how to spend wisely and how to achieve financial success.


Several students at the event said they thought Pullis’ speech was both informative and entertaining. Zack Brasen, a sophomore computer science major, said he learned a lot from the event. He said he felt everything Pullis talked about could relate to many students.


“The speaker had a good energy and made sure to keep us paying attention,” Brasen said. “Just about everything he talked about can apply to most people.”


Devin Chadwick, a member of Delta Sigma Pi, said he thought the event was necessary for students since it was held to provide students with knowledge they need to be successful and handle their own money. Both he and Pullis felt every student should be made aware of this information.


“I actually took his class a couple of quarters ago and I talked to him about it and we both thought it was a great idea not just for the College of Business, but for the entire Tech campus,” Chadwick said.


During his speech, Pullis quoted 10 life lessons that William McCraven, retired U.S. Navy Seal Admiral, gave in his commencement speech and book, and he applied those 10 lessons into the area of personal finance. He said he wanted students to be able to utilize the 10 life lessons, so they could one day achieve financial success.


“Tonight, I’m sharing 10 pieces of wisdom from a retired navy seal admiral and applying that in the area of personal finance, hoping to help inspire the students to always do their best, and if they do, then they’re going to get great results and they’re going to achieve excellence,” Pullis said.


According to Pullis, one of the best ways for people to achieve excellence is to do something they are passionate about. He says people should work in areas they find most fascinating and continue to further their knowledge in that particular area, no matter how difficult it may be.


“Get the degrees in things that are challenging and interesting to you,” Pullis said.  “Do not take a path of least resistance; there’s no reward there.”


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